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Evidence Based Guidelines for Nursing and Social Care on eHealth Services (ENS4Care)
Date du début: 1 déc. 2013, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ENS4Care will build a sustainable network of key stakeholders – nurses and social care workers, patients, industry, public authorities and research excellence centers – focusing on developing guidelines for the deployment of eHealth services, mainly telehealth and telecare services, anchored on proven successful, implemented and cost-effective telehealth and telecare practices in the field of prevention, integrated care and skills development for advanced roles and nurse e-Prescribing. Consensus building within the network and beyond on existing evidence based clinical guidelines with the fieldworkers is key for implementing innovation at a time healthcare system within the European Union are reformed due to austerity.In order to achieve change, ENS4Care will (i) share good nursing and social work practices in telehealth and telecare and identify the key components for their successful implementation throughout the EU, (ii) identify the e-skills needed in nursing and social care workforce to take up the evidence based guidelines, (iii) promote a culture of patient empowerment and cost-effectiveness of any innovative telehealth and telecare service, (iv) boost innovation and research in nursing, social and health care to support policy-makers and politicians when designing health and social policies within the EU; and (v) establish a sustainable research excellence network – the European Nursing Research Foundation – to build research and policy capacity to respond to Horizon 2020.The expected impact is in terms of boosting deployment of telehealth and telecare services across the EU and even beyond by providing evidence based clinical guidelines for a highly skilled nursing and social care workforce to innovate the continuity of care process, by fostering empowerment of patients and by designing cost-effective integrated care pathways supported by ICT solutions.



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