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Everyone is a foreigner somewhere
Date du début: 30 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 29 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our youth exchange will have the title : "Everyone is a foreigner somewhere" . Project's topic will be the xenophobic behavior raising in Europe, together with the nationalism especially because of the high refugees rates. Project will take place at Lakonia, Sparti at 30 March till 6 April. We chose those dates because on 5 of April it is the national, Greek day of Refugees . We chose to organize it in Greece because Greece is the first country which takes all refugees coming through Turkish borders and October's deadline in Greece was "frozen" for project submissions . For this reason we worked on this project together with our Greek partner. European Union includes the true meaning of "Unity" through the nations and since Greek agency doesn't allow youth people to take initiatives on top of the Erasmus plus project, it is our duty to help and support them too. Youth people should be supported and under any circumstances their chances of organizing something about a social and serious topic as xenophobia and mediterenean crisis, should be boosted. All workshops will be based into non formal education, informal learning, lifelong education. The activities we are planning to do will be team building activities, drama workshops, stimulation activities, gallery/exhibition, presentations, learn by experiencing activities, etc. In total, 40 participants will participate from 8 countries. Each group will be consisted of 5 participants, gender balanced, one of each will be the group leader. Participants will be from 18-30 years old and the group leaders will have no age limit. The participating countries will be Turkey, Spain, Greece, France, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary. During project, we will organize many activities so that we raise the awareness out of our group. The gallery/exhibition will help us spread project's results better. The benefits which will be gained during our project will be several : participants will understand the existing situation in Europe, they will see how nationalism is addressed to xenophobia, how refugees crisis affects xenophobia. Participants will have enough chance to interact with the other participants coming from the other countries, will break their stereotypes and we should also mention that during our project, we will held enough cultural evenings so that all gets to know the traditions, cultures, customs and life style of each other.



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