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Every child is special
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In project “Every child is special” are involved 9 partners from different European countries. The number and profile of partners is carefully chosen because of the projects outcome. Through this project we develop a Persona Dolls methodology network in Europe. Through this network teachers from different part of Europe will have a opportunity to participate in Persona Dolls methodology training and receive training materials (teachers handbook and DVD) in their native language. The project budget is used to develop methodology in cooperation with partners and create training materials. These activities have a long term impact in partner countries and in Europe. Because this well functioning methodology will be available and active years after the project ends. Teachers have the skills, experience and competence to use Persona Dolls methodology with children for indefinite time. The aim of the project is: • Prevent bullying and school violence in school; • To develop and improve children social skills; • To increase tolerance. Children are aware of differences and find them as values; • Include children with special needs; • Develop Persona Dolls methodology; • Create in cooperation with partners teacher training materials to disseminate project outcomes and methodology. The main goal of this project is to prevent school bullying with the children age 3-7 years. Persona Dolls methodology is universal and suitable for every culture and language environment. The activities could be fitted with every group ‘s problems and needs. The activities are playful and children embrace the methodology easily. During the project we start to use “Persona Dolls” methodology. During the Persona Dolls sessions with children, they will be aware of people differences, they solve the problems that take place every day in kindergarten – they analyze the situations and point out how to solve the problems. With this activity develops children analyzing skills, they know how to make difference between good and bad behavior, develops courage to stand out for others and also for themselves. When methodology is used daily then children gain ability how to solve problems in everyday life. During Persona Dolls activities and project differences activities are handled preventively developing tolerance in children and developing positive attitude towards differences like other nationality, other culture, different appearance, special needs, different social background. Through the project activities increases tolerance and empathy, with the result of decreases bullying and crowding. Children social skills improve and therefore they manage better in school – they have skills how to create social relations and find new friends, how to solve problems and they also have positive environment to have higher learning success. The activities held through the project: • Presentations about every countries education system, teaching and how is supported teaching values, preventing bullying, developing social skills aso. • Persona Dolls methodology training • Activities with Persona Dolls methodology • Introducing every partners country, culture and traditions • Questionnaires for children and staff • Different activities to teach children about people differences and tolerance: drama plays, books, theme walls, Differences week. • Skype connections between children. The outcome of the project is: • Persona Dolls methodology and activities with children • Training materials for Persona Dolls methodology dissemination: teacher handbook, DVD, dolls • Persona Dolls network and webpage; • Differences books, walls and other supporting activities; • I am special activity with children. This project is very useful because during project activities: • Prejudiced and discriminate behavior is handled; • Children’s sense of fairness in handled and development of empathy feeling takes place therefore children gain understanding that prejudiced and discriminate behavior is hurtful to others. Children gain through the project activities ability to stand out for themselves and others when they face unfair behavior, to intervene. • Children’s ability to value their individuality develops, children feel good about themselves and positive self – esteem rises. At the same time children act positively towards others cultural and family background. • Children’s courage to notice, appreciate and talk about differences and similarities with each other develops – it is positive to be different. • A large number of topics are handled with children, what concern children peculiarity, people differences, tolerance, different cultures, languages and children different physical abilities. • All adults who deal with children are also involved in project – impact of their values and behavior example to children.



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