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Date du début: 31 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

2014-1-TR01-KA102-003083 "The impact of social support factors of home care services" in our execution of the projected goal; increase is observed in the prevalence of chronic diseases and life expectancy with developing technology. Approximately 25% of adults over the age of 65 from chronic diseases associated with old age and weakness / fatigue because they require long-term care. In our country, the address-based population registration system is 7.2% of the population according to the results of 2010 are in the age group 65 and over. Data of the elderly population in our country in the last 20 years, said that when examined increased by approximately twice the rate. Our aging population will have a much more important place when considering the future of home health services are being considered. Home care services in our country a new çalışmadır.avrupa in home health services for many years applied a society hizmetidir.bakı to needy people in and around care how much contribution ensures that peace house of located, care homes, day care homes, hospitals gözlemledik.ülke our feasibility level during visits viewed. How do they provide a service conducting home care services for European countries (how it affects the care process at home by the social environment, health workers, care that people in and around communicate with those methods, what are the approaches of social services to care how) the opportunity to examine bulundu.b the served our country compared with home care. 4 Our project flow (Germany / Italy / Spain / Denmark) 6 A total of 24 people took part in the form of evil group. Follow conventional holistic approach to the social environment of home care to the elderly the opportunity to observe how it's done in the community bulunduk.avrup the work done to raise the standard of living healthy and see how they contribute. EU standards to gain the home health care and education systems have made in meeting implementation and some flow in the video recordings under aldık.meslek our training curriculum for teachers, they found the opportunity to compare our country. The opportunity to observe closely the work of the nursing care we observed preventive services and approaches to bulduk.hasta. Participants information about the host country's health services and vocational training courses for teachers verdiler.meslek they learn about vocational training in Europe. Participants were seen in Europe and the rules of the hospital work environment, met with colleagues. On weekends they participate in cultural excursions. Our participants have made educational and cultural exchange by meeting in mobility. Participants in paylaştılar.ev with our students and colleagues when they return to their knowledge and experience in order to increase public awareness about the maintenance; newspaper ads, posters, brochures, questionnaires and so on. They made the dissemination. People and institutions from sharing with the health and quality of education and help to ensure standards are given. our exhibitors have increased their professional knowledge and equipment for health workers, self-confidence is enhanced decision-making abilities. They are awarded after the flow of national and international (Europass Mobility) certificates of quality and increased belgelenmiştir.kişisel quality institutional sense.



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