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EUWB - Coexisting Short Range Radio by Advanced Ultra-Wideband Radio Technology (EUWB)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2008, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Description EUWB – Coexisting Short Range Radio by Advanced Ultra-Wideband Radio TechnologyMain ObjectivesEUWB is an industry-led initiative of 21 major industrial and excellent academic organisations all around Europe and Israel. Its key objective is to explore the enormous economic potential of innovative and disruptive radio technology embodied in Ultra-Wideband (UWB) for key industrial sectors in Europe.The project aims at consolidating the technical advances in scientific areas related to UWB, such as cognitive signalling, intelligent multiple antenna and multiband/ multimode concepts, and combining them in order to define system concepts for envisaged four application areas in major European industry sectors. Following a strong demand from these industry sectors the four prominent examples in which applications will be implemented are the Intelligent home environment (driver Philips), the Public transportation environment (driver EADS), the Automotive environment (driver Bosch) and the Next generation of heterogeneous public access network environment (driver Telefónica). The results will be materialised in four integrated application platforms built in the open UWB technology platform developed in EUWB.Beside targeting real integration of UWB technology in a Airbus plane, a Daimler car, the Philips future home entertainment system and the Telefónica NGN access network, scientific studies will guide industry to gain competitiveness with their UWB system approaches also in future developmentsThe science and technology driven workload will be accompanied by a continuation of EUWB partners’ actually ongoing activities in the European and world-wide regulation and standardisation bodies. Following the most recent breakthrough reached in European UWB frequency regulations thanks to the FP6 PULSERS Phase II project the goal is to continue facilitating a globally compatible regulatory framework for UWB applications. Major efforts will be continuously invested for further collaboration with regulatory bodies in Europe inside the CEPT, the ETSI as well as the Radio Spectrum Committee.Technical ApproachEven if the R&D work in EUWB is more system and application than basic technology research oriented the EUWB project will effectively leverage the scientific knowledge base emerging from past UWB-RT related projects, such as U.C.A.N., ULTRAWAVES, and PULSERS, just as new scientific contributions will become available at an applied technological level.Major work packages EUWB is working on are Cognitive UWB Radio and Coexistence, Multiple Antenna UWB Systems, UWB Enabled Advanced Localisation and Tracking, UWB Multiband / Multimode Operation, UWB in Heterogeneous Access Networks, Regulations and Standardisation just as Open UWB Technology Platforms. The latter will give the application and research work the needed technology basis for the practical integration and demonstration activities. Special focus within the EUWB project will rest on the four dedicated key industry application areas, i.e. Home environment, Automotive, Public transport and Heterogeneous network, which aim is to define the application scenarios and provide the requirements for these applications.In order to optimise the development flow and task distribution within work packages a new and innovative methodology of managing IPs by Logical Clustering of inter-WP tasks is introduced. These clusters will be used as a co-ordinating structure.



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