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EUTW Trans Continental Cooperation on the EU Studies
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background In the past six years, the European Union Centre in Taiwan (EUTW), the largest university level Consortium in Taiwan on the EU studies, offered a wide and in-depth gateway for the advancement of knowledge of the EU and has become a platform for academic exchange within the Taiwan EU Studies community. The host university, National Taiwan University, is a world-class interdisciplinary university and the Chinese-speaking world’s flagship educational institution. EUTW is also the contact point for the regional EU Studies networking. Based on EUTW exiting regional networking, we want to further initiate an EUTW-trans Network, the Trans Continental Cooperation on the EU Studies, which would involve the Transatlantic and Trans Pacific partner institutes including U.S.A (Washington University, Seattle), Canada (Dalhousie University), Europe (Paris II in France and Charles University in the Czech Republic), Asia (EUIJ Tokyo in Japan, Yonsei University in Seoul, Fudan University in China, National Taiwan University in Taiwan and EUC in Singapore at National University of Singapore) and Pacific (EU Centre in the Canterbury University of New Zealand). RationalWe firmly believe that the concept of Consortium, as well as EUTW-trans Network, is the best and the most comprehensive choice for the European Commission to promote greater understanding of the EU and Policy debates in the world. Based on the successful coordination of seven universities in the different regions of Taiwan, which was highly appraised by the other EU Centres, we decided to apply Jean-Monnet Networks to contribute to the promotion of EU Studies at the international level.



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