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EUSA_ID - Capacity Building in Higher Education for an improved co-operation between the EU and SA in the field of Development Studies
Date du début: 15 juil. 2013,

EUSA_ID offers study, training and research periods in Europe for South African Master and PhD candidates and staff and provides European PhD candidates the opportunity to spend a research period in South Africa. 84 mobilities (18 European, 66 South African) cover Master students (40,5%), PhD candidates (38,1%) and staff (21,4%) of TG I (76%) and II (24%). The partnership consists of 6 South African and 7 European HEIs and shares the expertise in complementary thematic fields related to Development Studies which has been chosen as common umbrella. It is supported by 3 associated partners, who foster promotion of the project and provide support related to facilitate study recognition and quality assurance.EUSA_ID aims at promoting intercultural understanding and at fostering institutional cooperation between European and South African HEIs. The cooperation is expected to contribute to the development of academic and administrative capacity of South African HEIs and to enhanced collaboration between HEIs highly experienced in the management of international cooperation projects and those which are still in the process of building strong networks.EUSA_ID further aims at contributing to the development of appropriate qualifications of South African and European individuals in the field of Development Studies. For South Africa as a country where higher education shall “contribute to and support the process of societal transformation” as outlined in the Reconstruction and Development Programme the partners perceive it as highly relevant to offer Master, PhD and staff training in Development Studies related fields.Given South Africa’s role in the region which goes beyond political and economic considerations but also covers the potential to enhance regional cooperation in higher education and research a partnership project with a focus on Development Studies is taking into account the needs of the targeted country as well as the broader needs of the region.



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