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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The BIHK as an umbrella organization of 12 chambers of commerce is the voice of industry, trade and service sector in Baden-Wuerttemberg and is committed to the overall interests of the economy. Therefore the BWIHK works together with different actors which are situated not only on the local (IHKs) and regional (IHKs) but also on the national (DIHK) and international (AHK) level. One of the main concerns of the BWIHK is to move forward the internationalization of vocational training in Baden-Wuerttemberg. In the context of previous Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects the BWHK has already sent 220 trainees abroad during the training. Since 2008 the BIHK has been supported more than 450 trainees in doing an internship in different countries of Europe. Also in the next years the BWIHK are going to offer for 120 trainees grants to gain work experience in Great Britain and Spain. To the main target group of this project belong trainees who are in the second or third year of apprenticeship. The big advantage is that the young people have already a basic knowledge. The planned four-week internships will take place in the following period: autumn 2015/2016 and spring 2016/2017. Due to the good cooperation the BWIHK are going to work again with the same partner organizations like the last years. In UK the partner is called Tellus Group and is located in Plymouth. In Spain the work will continue with Service Internship Consulting which has its office in Málaga. The main responsible person of the BWIHK is Verena Koenig. She is the project manager and as contact person available through e-mail and telephone during the whole time of the project. Verena Koenig will be supported by Julia Beck, who has her project office at the chamber of commerce and industry in Stuttgart. The partner organizations will take care of the trainees. An airport shuttle is organized from the airport to the host families or to the apartments. The apprentices will take part in a language course during their first week of stay. The other three weeks the apprentices will do the internship in a company which is equivalent to their apprenticeship. They will work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. At the weekends the partner organization offers a cultural programme but they will also have time for their own. During the whole time the apprentices have to write their report portfolio and keep records about their stay abroad with photos and notes. After their stay abroad the project will be evaluated through different instruments. Therefore a follow-up seminar will take place which is organized by the project managers of the BWIHK. The evaluation will be done by interviewing the participants about the experience and their level of satisfaction during their stay abroad. That will be done partially by a standardized questionary to show disturbances and unexpected developments, so that the evaluator can react. The closing evaluation will be done by analyzing the reports of the participants and the group discussions. For the future one of the most aims of the BWIHK is sending still more apprentices to Europe. Furthermore the BWIHK will convince companies of the importance and additional value of this great offer so that quite more apprentices can participate in this project in the next years.



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