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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EuroSkills Project comprises activities in the area of professional mobility in enterprises. It is assumed that 30 students of Zespół Szkół /upper-secondary school comlex in Bystrzyca Kłodzka will participate in foreign-owned apprenticeship program in Evora (Portugal) and Bolonia (Italy) in the following period 06.03-31.03.2017.Why our project?Meeting local labor market expectations as well as employers’ needs, we notice that there is a demand for new IT technologies specialists who are fluent as far as accountancy programs are concerned. Moreover, students themselves are aware of the fact that developing professional competencies and improving language skills will enable them to find a relevant job position (being in accordance with acquired qualifications) in the future. The school tries to support the development of knowledge and skills on every educational level and executing mobility projects is one of more important methods being supportive for students.The project will be focused on 4 main objectives:1) (an) increase of professional competencies and students’ professional mobility – 30 students – IT technician profile and merchandiser profile,2) (an) increase of professional competencies and students’ professional mobility – IT technician profile and merchandiser profile through preparing changes in education curricula of the aforementioned professions and its better adjustment to the labor market needs (local and international),3) (an) increase of the international partnership through establishing direct relations with a new party form Portugal and host organizations,4) (an) increase of the school’s potential in the area of executing apprenticeship programs through preparation to the ECVET system implementation.Participants’ description:10 students – IT technician profile + 5 students – merchandiser profile (including one custodian/supervisor) will have their apprenticeship in Italy (Bolonia), an analogical group 10 students – IT technician profile + 5 students – merchandiser profile (including one custodian/supervisor) will have their apprenticeship in Portugal (Evora). Students, prior to their foreign apprenticeship, will undergo a set of preparatory activities (cultural ones, language-oriented) and many organizational meetings. The aforementioned preparations led by qualified and experienced teachers will ensure a high level and contribute to implementing project’s assumptions, (such as: an increase of language and interpersonal competencies). Activities and project’s achieved objectives will be spread massively – the school will engage local media, parents and local companies’ representatives in this process. They will also support students during the preparatory period, prior to their apprenticeship (help in apprenticeship schedule).Expected results:• apprenticeship for 30 students,• deepening knowledge in the area of vocational subjects,• cultivating language skills through work in international teams,• cultivating enterprising attitudes through managing one’s own budget,• equalizing/increasing educational chances,• improving cooperation skills among peers,• shaping a positive picture of the school,• improving educational curricula,• improving preparatory programs aiming at project’s participation,• preparing school to ECVET program implementation.Added value:• improving the quality of work of the school, • promoting vocational education in the local environment,• (an) increase) of social competencies.As far as a long-term perspective is concerned, the project will contribute to the increase of the educational level in our county and building a strong partnership both among schools (especially with ZSP No 1 in Kłodzko) and taking the international context into account.



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