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Euroregional Information Centre (ERIC)

Regular contact is restricted within the DKMT Euroregion regarding the infrastructural conditions of information flow; the lack of information hinders cross-border entrepreneurial cooperation and foreign direct investments. Without the widest possible knowledge of local information the increase of economic, social and political cohesion of the region is unimaginable, therefore great emphasis has to be laid on providing the cross-border region with regional and EU related information. An Information Centre - the formation of which is aimed at by the present project plan - encouraging effective cooperation and knowledge/information transfer, dealing with different fields of cross-border relationships of the Euroregion could play a significant role in eliminating the peripheral nature of the cross-border region. As a result of the present project plan all media (radio, written and electronic press, television) of the effected area of the Euroregion in Hungarian-Serbian territories could obtain news, press materials of the DKMT Euroregion during the implementation stage free of charge and they could spread these information without paying royalty within their area of dissemination, with the positive effects of involving the population in Euroregional processes and strengthening economic cooperation. Services of the Information Centre present and offer cross-border cooperation to the inhabitants of the area in their own mother tongue, neighbouring countries may familiarise more with each others life, culture, history, which strengthens thinking in a cross-border unity, the foundation of long-term cooperation. The system of ERIC activates almost every field of cross-border relationships with making information of primary importance public in a wide circle. Expected Results: v publ. Ina suma


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