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EUROPRAX – záruka úspechu v zamestnaní
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The target group of our project contains 15 students from the study field of business academy. The planned time of the mobility is September-October 2015. The host organization of the project is the Italian CLO in Milan. The vocational training abroad will be three-week long and the target country will be Italy (Milan). Students may work as professional employees in economics in different firms, and also in in budgetary and subsidized organizations after finishing their studies in this field. The students have sufficient linguistic knowledge of the English language - level B1-B2 according to the CEF. They do not have any special needs. They are students in their initial training. The majority of the students (60%) comes from a socially disadvantaged environment, since we live in a region with high unemployment rate and with the absence of foreign investment capital. We set our aims based on the needs of participants and on the experience from our previous projects from 2013 and 2014. Our region has many small and mid-sized firms, which are in business contact with international organizations and firms that are present in our broader region as well, e.g.: VSK, s.r.o., OLDRATI SLOVENSKO, s.r.o, Tytex Slovakia, s.r.o., I.C.A., s.r.o., SB INMART, a.s.,Bardejovské kúpele, a.s., ). Thanks to the mobility program in Italy, the participates can learn about the basic principles of a firm, about how an Italian firm works, about the administration processes, they can see the uniqueness of their logistical and financial methods. These acquired knowledge and skills improve not only the level of their professionalism, but they will also be able to compete on the job market as well. We think that this project will also give a chance for our students to find a suitable job position at the host company too. The mobility enables for our students to improve their communicating skills, and this knowledge will help them to find a better job position as well, since the knowledge of a foreign language is inevitable today, and several English speaking firms function in our region , e.g.: Yazaki , BSH, Unomedical, Tesco. We set our main aims in the project based on our study plans: -to improve the students' knowledge in the field of marketing and propagation (to learn new methods, techniques in the field of catalogue making, presenting for potential costumers, in preparing web pages) - to improve the students' knowledge in the field of HR (registry of staff, agendas of the HR) -to improve the students' knowledge in the field of supplies (manual processing of orders, checking incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, working with the bookkeeping software of the firm) -to learn about the structure of the firm -to improve the students' knowledge in the field of logistics (inventory of stored goods, the reception and distribution of goods, completion of documents, the use computer programs for logistics) -to gain experience in processing the mail, various documents and bank statements, in entering data into the software of the firm - to improve the communication skills and the professional vocabulary of the students The aims of the vocational training from a social perspective: -our students mostly come from neighboring villages, and the possibility to work with top managers at the Italian firms will help them to improve their confidence -the vocational training abroad will help them to improve their entrepreneur thinking, because the students will see how an entrepreneurship works abroad, and they will also see the level of the quality of services, businesses and cooperation. The aims of the vocational training from a linguistic perspective: -the vocational training abroad improves the language skills of the students -the students will visit the city, museums, shops, coffee shops, they will use public transport, and they will always be forced to use the English language, and this type of experience proves to be more efficient in the language learning process than the staged conversations in the classroom -the training will also improve the professional vocabulary of the students The aims of the vocational training from a cultural perspective: -the students visit the world famous city Milan - the city of industry, business, fashion, which is rich in historical and architectural monuments -the students will have the chance to meet a different culture with different traditions and kitchen, which teaches them to tolerate other cultures and nations



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