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Date du début: 3 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 2 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

”Europractice” is a VET mobility project which meets the need of the beneficiary “Petru Rares” Tehnological High School, Bacau to raise the quality of the vocational practice we offer students from the ”Tousism & Catering” speciality, as well as to internationalize and promote the school to be able to create for a pozitive image on our activities and thus attract students. To implement the project, the high school will cooperate with 2 intermediary organizations from Spain and Cyprus, who are experienced in European projects who will ensure the placement of participants in 4 receiving organizations from the food industry.The general objective of the project is to increase the quality of the initial training of the students, from the ”Tousism & Catering” profile, (high school and vocational school ) by organizing internships in collaboration with European companies and use the knowledge acquired for the reorganization of traineeships in Romania.The specific objectives are:- to facilitate the professional development of 34 students by acquiring knowledge, abilities and professional skills specific to their field of training through work placements in Europe;- to develop partnerships with 7 European companies providing training period to meet European standards , requirements and practices;- to promote the high school at the local and European level, so as to improve its image and make it more attractive.The project is addressed to ' Petru Rares' Technological High School students, grades 10 and 11, (high school and vocational school), tourism and catering specialty. The 34 participants will benefit from 3-week internships in European restaurants and they will acquire knowledge, skills and competencies required of a waiter, respectively a gastronomy technician. The results of he internships will be evaluared by their internship tutors, according to the Learning Agreements agreed upon between the partners and will be validated by Europass Mobility Certificate, which has European recognition. The experience will be equivalated in the Romanian school and education system through the ECVET credit system.The final products of the products will be: 1 project site (containing 1 project Compendium), 34 portfolios of the participants, which will enable them to present themselves as professionals and to obtain their professional diploma at the end of high school / vocational school, 34 practice notebooks, which will be included in the school library, the database with partners, 1 European Development Plan for the school.The project will have a positive impact on the participants, who will gain work experience in a European country , in a multicultural and multilingual team. In the long run they will continuously be motivated to learn and be more competitive on the labor market.Theproject will have a positive impact on all partners, leading to an increase in the quality of services we develop and in our prestige . The project will have a positive impact locally, through dissemination activities, bringing together companies and schools from Bacau to share best practices.



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