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Europese springplank naar een (internationale) tewerkstelling
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A European launch pad for (international) employment (ESIT) At the PHTI Gent, Hospitality & Leisure and Specialized Leisure students show to have a hands-on attitude. Hence, these pupils prefer pragmatic training rather than theoretical education. They thrive, take responsibility an develop their skills in an actual working context. As holiday makers mainly focus on popular holiday destinations abroad, we would like to offer apprenticeship opportunities in hotels and camping sites across Spain (Iberostar and Sandaya), France (Sandaya) and Greece (Grecotel). During this animation and/or hospitality traineeship, our students will actively participate in professional and international teams. Moreover, they will develop language skills, a flexible attitude and an open mindset towards other cultures and alternative working/living contexts. In other words, they will be intensively exposed to foreign languages and cultures. Consequently, they will become more confident and independent individuals. We currently have about 14 motivated, sociable and dynamic students who will take part in an apprenticeship abroad. Together with their colleagues, they will make sure that guests will have an unforgettable and pleasant stay. To achieve this goal in an international context will indeed be challenging. In conclusion, this unique experience will considerably increase both national and international job opportunities for these students, not only in holiday sector but also in various other job market segments. A genuine European launch pad to a professional career!



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