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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project concerns the professional experience for 32 juvenile workers who are students of State School in Gołdap. They get their education in many different professions like: chef, carpenter and car mechanic. The participants of the project will be students of 2nd and 3rd class of Junior High School and students of 1st and 2nd class from vocational school who complete their school education and get job training of professions they can choose in the Training and Education Centre of Voluntary Labour Corps in Gołdap. The project will include students who study as well as learn through the work in the Training and Education Centre of VLC in Gołdap. The group of partner form the Training and Education Centre of VLC in Gołdap and the Company Promoting Vocational Training Construction Industry Association Berlin-Brandenburg (Berufsförderungswerk e.V. des Bauindustrieverbandes Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.) in Potsdam and The Centre of Training in Eastern Brandenburg (Bildungszentrum Ostbrandenburg Gmbh). We would like to adapt the professional education and training to European system. We are going to focus on promoting activities that will facilitate the development of innovative practices in the field of vocational education and training. We hope that good practices will move from one country of the participant to others. We would also like to promote the European dimension in education and training. The aim of the project is mainly the participants' professional development by gaining work experience abroad, but equally important is their personal development, improvement of language, widening the horizons of thought, to know the culture of work in Germany, which will increase their mobility at both the national and the European labour market. During foreign practice, the participants will gain both a specialized professional competence and intercultural skills, news and they will have the opportunity to develop their career further, as well as they will be more competitive and flexible at labour market. Project will equip participants with the ability to take still new tasks in the changing situations. All the skills, abilities and knowledge will be developed during the practical learning profession in accordance with the German methodology, under the supervision of experienced instructors. By staying foreign and through professional practice in the process of training, participants will learn different cultural conditions and will feature in a different environment. The participants become familiar with the professional vocabulary in German and they will use the foreign language in accordance with the individual degree of severity in the parlance. Group partner agreed duration of internship for two weeks, it was also the findings as to the content, taking into account the existing skills of students acquired in the country. The internship is integrally linked with the training of students in the country. In accordance to the project, internship will be organized id two groups of 16 people. Each group will be under the care of two educators from the Training and Education Centre of Voluntary Labour Corps in Gołdap. The first group of students educated in the profession of car mechanic (16 people) will go for an internship within 09-20.05.2016r. The second group - the chefs (8 people) and carpenters (8 people) leave within 20-31.03.2017r


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