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Europejskie praktyki zawodowe uczniów Zespołu Szkół Budowlano - Energetycznych z Ostrowa Wielkopolskiego
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project applicant is School Building and Energy with Berufsbildungs- und Technolgiezentrum Rohr-Kloster, Europa Training (UK) Ltd. and AWV Eisenbahn Verkehr GmbH, as partners. There are 77 students from technical secondary school in Powiat Ostrowski, in construction, geodesy, landscaping and reilway. The project’s main objective is to carry out 2 week-long work experience , to improve quality of education, professional self-development and develop the participants’ practical skills, which, as a result, will increase their work competiveness. The project and its aims have been designed to fit the needs and expectations of the 77 trainees in such professions as:, construction site worker, surveyor, landscaping technician as well as driver reilway. The work experience will take place in state-of-the-art training centres in Germany and Great Britain. Thanks to the language classes before the departure, and daily exposure to the English or German language during the professional training abroad the participants will get a chance to develop their language competencies, with a focus on work related vocabulary, which will help increase their motivation, professional skills and language communication skills. Additionally, due to cultural training and experiencing different culture and daily life in the partner’s country, the participants will have a chance to learn new inter-cultural skills, fitting young Europeans, as well as they will increase their knowledge about Europeans united communities. The work experience exchange will enable the participants to benefit from highly experienced training instructors and modern and very extensive equipment provided by the partners training centres, which in turn will foster self and professional development through acquiring new skills and competences and thus increase the participants’ marketability. The project’s results will be as follows: new professional skills, additional professional knowledge and enhanced practical skills, getting to know new technologies and innovations, better language skills, increased motivation and assertiveness, cultural competence. Other more tangible effects will be: work experience certificates issued by the partners and Europass Mobility for all 77 participants, 80 hours of work experience conducted by the 77 participants as well as international cooperation of 3 partners in vocational training. Additionally, when the project ends the participants will create multimedia presentations on work experience conducted at the partners training centres, photos and videos from the work experience, teaching materials to prepare and carry out work experience programmes. The students will train in the partners training centers from April 2017 to April 2018. The centres possess excellent training facilities and equipment as well as experienced staff necessary for organizing the job training exchange and carrying out the project objectives. The partner ensures methodological supervision and training, accommodation arrangements as well as organization and coordination of cultural component experience.



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