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Europejskie praktyki w ramach programu Erasmus+ Twoją szansą na sukces zawodowy.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled „European work placement as part of Erasmus+ programme Your chance to achieve professional success” will be realized by Zespół Szkół Rolniczych CKP in Kaczki Średnie in cooperation with foreign partners – a Spanish agency ESMOVIA and a German partner school KBWR Duisburg. They are companies with great experience in offering educational services, as well as realizing mobility projects. In the project there will participate students of the third form. These students are being trained in the following professions: technician of gastronomic services, technician of building, technician of motor vehicles, technician of forwarding. Students will realize the curriculum of vocational training during 4-week mobility(each profession) in companies located in Valencia (Spain) and Duisburg (Germany).Taking into account the needs of technical school students in the area of vocational education, as well as other conditions including the needs of future employers, participants of the work placement have the following aims: - improve vocational skills according to standards of up-to-date, continuously evolving job market,- develop abilities of practical use of the knowledge gained so far,- get to know work conditions and new technologies in highly developed countries,- improve foreign language competence,- develop social skills,- increase work mobility.For school, the project is a priority in the field of developing international cooperation, promoting innovations in vocational training, as well as increasing the effectiveness and attractiveness of education.The work placement will be organized as a group mobility. Students will be divided into 7 groups according to a profession, place and a date of mobilities:G.1 - technician of gastronomic services (10 persons) – work placement in Spain 07.05.2017- 03.06.2017G.2 - technician of building (10 persons) - work placement in Spain 07.05.2017- 03.06.2017G.3 - technician of motor vehicles (10 persons) - work placement in Spain 07.05.2017- 03.06.2017G.4 - technician of gastronomic services (10 persons) - work placement in Spain 06.05.2018- 02.06.2018G.5 - technician of building (10 persons) work placement in Spain 06.05.2018- 02.06.2018G.6 - technician of motor vehicles (10 persons) - work placement in Spain 06.05.2018- 02.06.2018G.7 - technician of forwarding (6 persons) work placement in Germany 06.05.2018 - 02.06.2018.60 students and 4 tutors in total will participate in the mobilities in Spain and 6 students with 1 tutor will participate in the mobility in Germany.Through the work placement abroad, participants will gain a lot of benefits resulting in personal development and even in regional development. Students will improve their foreign language skills, get new experiences and professional qualifications which will be acknowledged by European certificates. The participants will also get to know European standards of organization and functioning of companies in such branches as: gastronomy, building, motor vehicles, forwarding. They will be able to transfer this knowledge and vocational experiences on national ground and implement them in Polish companies. Due to it, participants may have chances to influence the growth of Polish industry. Students enriched by experiences and qualifications gained during a work placement, in a natural way will boost their chances to be employed locally or even abroad in the future. The project is planned to be realized from 01.09.2016 to 30.06.2018. All the partners will be involved in every stage of the project, such as: conceptual preparations of the project, defining of partners’ duties, completing of all organizational and logistical aspects before students departure, foreign mobilities, project evaluation and results presentation.While the project is realized we will use the methods based on strict cooperation with partners, continuous adjusting and improving placement quality.


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