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"Europejskie kompetencje zawodowe w gastronomii i hotelarstwie"
Date du début: 6 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 5 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project entitled “European professional competence in the catering and hotel industry” is directed at technical vocational school graduates, working as catering industry technician, hotel industry technician, chef technician and who graduated from vocational schools up to 12 months and at present do not work for more than 2 months. The project participants are registered in the District Employment Office in Pleszew, Słupca, Ostrów Wlkp., Jarocin, Krotoszyn and Kępno as recent graduates seeking employment in the catering and hotel industry. During a 17-week internship the project participants will gain work experience in the catering and hotel services as well as improve their interpersonal skills and language skills. The main objective of the project is to support the 48 graduates who have already preliminary work experience in the catering and hotel industry, gained mostly during school practice or short-term seasonal employment as kitchen helpers, kitchen staff, waiters/waitresses or bartenders. The participants will gain a lot of valuable experience, new knowledge and improve the existing one. They will learn and develop the planning, organizational and interpersonal skills in a more stimulating environment. That will improve their situation on the labour market, for example finding a job or starting one’s own business in the future. The project participants are regarded as people who find it extremely difficult to find employment which would match their professional qualifications on the job market. It is closely connected with their lack of work experience or insufficient work experience. As previous professional experience in a hotel service position is preferred, as well as knowledge of another language is an advantage and communication skills, they need to undergo some preliminary informal training. According to the recent analysis of Greater Poland Employment Office in Poznań in 2013, the posts of a catering industry technician and hotel industry technician are in great demand at the moment. Nevertheless, in spite of many job offers in the hotel business the unemployment rate is continuing to rise. This means that although there is a sufficient number of qualified people, employers were not or are not able to find potential employees with valuable professional experience and language skills, especially people who provide a quality service to customers. The incompatibility of the participants’ qualifications and competences with the needs of the labour market is the direct result of the spiralling rate of unemployment. It is especially evident in jobs such as chefs with international experience, bartenders with international experience, receptionists with considerable language skills and waiters/waitresses with language and interpersonal skills which are in great demand on the job market. What is more, a great number of unsuitable or unskilled job candidates is related to the lack of funds for appropriate training or vocational courses. In this context, the candidates should therefore be given the opportunity to take part in foreign internship within ERAZMUS PLUS exchange. This programme will enable them to gain extremely valuable professional experience and acquire new professional skills as well as improve their language and communication skills. Apart from this, the candidates will learn problem solving skills, including the financial management, planning and organizing skills. They will boost their self-confidence and self-esteem, improve self-image and increase the ability to work in a team. By learning new skills and enhancing existing professional experience, the internship participants will undoubtedly invest in further education, especially in life-long learning and continue the quest for lifelong personal development. Internships will be organised according to plans which are concerned with the essence of the subject, that is corresponding to participants’ needs, interests and capabilities. The project partners have considerable experience in the principles and terms of the market for the catering and hotel industry and service. They are highly experienced in promoting this industry as well as conducting other operations aimed at its local and regional development. Internships will last 17 weeks, starting from IX-X 2014 (a group of 16 participants), then from IV-IX 2015 (16 participants) and finally from II - V 2016 (16 participants). An objective and comprehensive evaluation of the project will be carried out in order to confirm that participants have gained new professional skills, work experience and language skills, especially vocabulary and phrases used in the catering and hotel industry. A mutual cooperation between the partners will be encouraged. After vocational training, its participants will be promoted in the catering and hotel service. The practical means and methods of cooperation between the project partners include organizing



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