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Europejskie doświadczenie zawodowe uczniów skarżyskiego Ekonomika
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The participants of the project will be 3rd year students who study to be economy specialists, future hotel industry workers, IT specialists and advertising techniques specialists. As part of the project, German company WBS TRAINING AG will organize a two-week training for students of each speciality in 2016. Three groups of students will take part in the internship. The first group of 16 students (future IT specialists) will have their training in Dresden. The second group of 16 students altogether ( 8 economy specialists and 8 advertising techniques workers) will have their training in Dresden, as well. The last group are 16 hotel industry workers, who will have the training in Leipzig. The aims of the project, which is consistent with the aims of mobility projects, is to support learners in acquiring such competences as knowledge, skills and attitudes with a view to improving their personal development and employability in the European labour market, developing skills in foreign languages, knowledge and understanding of other cultures, developing a sense of European citizenship and identity and acquiring the skills to adapt to living and working conditions in a foreign country. We will pay particular attention to the extension and combination of knowledge and skills to contribute to the self-realization and personal development of our students. Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are the qualities that should characterize our students, and future graduates seeking employment and creating their own businesses. We want to enable foreign training for students of each profession in the school. For these young people participation in the project is the only chance to gain professional experience abroad. Most of them come from villages and families facing unemployment problem and living off unemployment benefits. The unemployment rate in Świętokrzyskie district is 25% at present. The German company, WBS TRAINING AG, we have been cooperating since 2006, is our partner in this project. It is experienced in working with young people thanks to taking part in different projects of LdV, Erasmus+, Socrates, etc. WBS TRAINING AG is a company with more than 30 years of experience. It is a leading provider of educational services famous for its versatile and qualitatively first-class range of vocational training. After the training, the beneficiaries will obtain certificates of WBS TRAINING AG as well as Europass-Mobility Documents to confirm their skills and experience gained and to be additional advantages for young people in search of employment in the European labor market. In this way we help to improve the transparency and recognition of qualifications and the competence of future school-leavers, including those acquired through vocational training. We want to provide better recognition of competences acquired during periods of apprenticeship abroad. All the groups will have their training from 3rd Sept. 2016 to 16th Sept. 2016. As part of the project we want the students to have the opportunity to complete their internship in two different countries and get to know the functioning of the companies and hotels in Germany and Poland. The number of weeks of training for each profession gives us the opportunity to share the practice on part received in Poland and some received in Germany. It will be particularly interesting professional experience. Being able to compare how the hotels and companies operate will expand the participants` professional, interpersonal, linguistic and adaptive skills and increase their self-esteem because of additional qualifications. The project will give the students better chances of employment in their profession since it will raise their professional attraction for future employers. It will also encourage the students to become self-employed. Understanding the needs and difficult financial situation of the students, the school is trying to enable them to have their professional training as part of the grant covering all costs of their participation. For young people this is the only way to acquire professional experience abroad. Thanks to the partnership there will be established cooperation, which will form the base for care and cultural relations. It is also a great opportunity to create a positive image of Poland and the Świętokrzyski the EU. The benefits the students will received is also acquiring new skills, references and experience, supported by a certificate and the Europass Mobility Document.



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