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„Europejskie doświadczenie stażowe uczniów Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego w Wysokiem Mazowieckiem”
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims at the second grade students of the Home Army Technical College in Wysokie Mazowieckie. The above mentioned students are being trained in the following professions: mechatronic technicians(7persons), automotive technicians(10persons), farming technicians(16persons). The project meets the needs and requirements of vocational education in the region, local employers and foremost students. In September 2014 technical education teachers conducted a survey which was supposed to reveal the expectations towards vocational school graduates. Twenty local employers, specialising in different technical and agricultural branches took part in the questionnaire. The analysis of the poll revealed that employers, in all branches, are interested in employing workers whose knowledge goes beyond the elementary education provided by the curriculum, since they cannot afford to finance their future training themselves. Employers expect the graduates to have practical skills, as well as a good theoretical background of: technical foreign language, computing software, ability of operating machines connected with one’s chosen field (CNC machines, measurements tools). Moreover the fate of the 2015 graduates, in the above mentioned professions, shows that only 36 out of 62 work in their chosen field. Employers underline that vocational school graduates are not well trained and prepared to start work, whereas the employers themselves simply cannot afford upgrading young worker’s skills. This situation highlights the maladjustment between the educational system and market needs. The project touches upon the following subjects: unemployment problem among young residents of Wysokie Mazowieckie district, teaching and learning foreign languages – as key competences, acknowledgement of education through certificates, as well as quality, attractiveness and marketability of vocational education in CKZ. The aim of the project is increasing the employment prospects of forty-five students of the Home Army Technical College in Wysokie Mazowieckie. This is to be achieved throughout the participation in work placements organised along with foreign partners Irish Host Family ltd, Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade in the school year 2016/2017. Anticipated effects of the mobility:• Participants will gain skills awaited by the employers• Thanks to reliable and up to date theoretical and practical knowledge, combined with modern informative technologies, participants may achieve better results during external exams• Participants will become more competitive in the job market• Participants will gain key skills, including implementing modern technologies and using English in context• Participants will strengthen their self-esteem, assertiveness, interpersonal skills, learn how to work in a team. • Finally they will gain an insight into job market in other countries• They will raise their awareness concerning the drawbacks of discrimination and benefits of multiculturalism• Participants will get a background for further developments of their competencesThe project will have a positive effect on other students attending the school as all the patterns and models of attaining and developing key competences, reached during the internships, will be further spread and used by the teachers in the forthcoming years.Since nowadays the phenomenon of international cooperation is so crucial and highly approved international exchange and cooperation with foreign schools and companies will contribute to strengthening school’s prestige and attractiveness. Internships will last two weeks and take place between 05th March 2017 and 19th March 2017, in Portuguese and Irish companies. They will be based on a commonly agreed curriculum. European system ECVET will also be incorporated into the programme.



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