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Date du début: 30 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 29 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project is to increase participants opportunities on the labor market. This will be achieved through fulfilling specific objectives:broadening participants skills to match demand of our local and regional labor market, learning foreign language on comunicative level, getting to know the culture and customs of the host country .Project participants will be students of specializations: technician economist, hospitality technician, agriculture technician and nutrition and catering services technician - 64 people. The main need of the project participants is the need to increase owned skills and gain new ones - it will facilitate their start in adult professional lives. This demand will be satisfied by the project.After completion of the recruitment, project participants will take diversified preparatory classes. After it’s completion students will leave for 3-week long internships. The project will last two years, in 2017 for internships will go: one group to Italy and one to Portugal. Similar groups will leave for internship in 2018.During implementation of the project we will use methodology, developed and used in previous projects, appropriate to the program principles and the project needs. From the first phase (development of the objectives) to the last (dissemination and closure of the project) documentation will be collected and the project team will have clearly defined responsibilities of employees; headmaster will supervise the entire implementation of the project. The project evaluation activities and the dissemination of it’s results will involve all participants and project employees.Planned hard results:- Receiving by the participants Europass Mobility documents, language course completion certificates, placement certificates confirmed by the project partner, certificates of completing internship preparation classes,- Undergoing specified number of hours of the preparatory classesSoft results:- Acquisition of additional knowledge and professional and language skills- Acquisition of ability to work in a team which communicates in a foreign language;- Increasing the chances on the labor market (local, national, European)- Development of professional and personal aspirations.- Increasing motivation for further learning,- Increasing of sence of responsibility and discipline;- Gaining knowledge of the host country history, culture and customs;- Developing an attitude of tolerance for different customs and behaviors;- Increase of prestige and attractiveness of the school.Material products of the project will be:- Collections of photos and films about the internships and other activities of the project.- Presentation of the project - prepared separately by every leaving group of trainees,- Materials that are the result of the project evaluation.All of the project partners will expand their knowledge and skills, gain new experiences useful in the development of international activities. School officials and foreign partners working in the project will get to know people raised in a different culture, which will contribute to increase of their sensitibility to intercultural dialogue issues and diversity of customs and behaviors in other European countries.Through the implementation of the entire project, our school will expand its international cooperation, increase its prestige and popularity among young people, which should improve recruitment.

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