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Europejskie doświadczenia szansą na lokalnym rynku pracy
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project assumes cooperation of Zespół Szkół Zawodowych in Wodzisław Śląski with 3 partners: from Germany, Ireland and Portugal. The two-year-long project will involve 70 students currently from the first and second grade who, in their third year, will have their curriculum-based placement with companies selected by our foreign partners operating in the following sectors: mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, chemical analysis, refrigeration and air-conditioning. Our biggest challenge is the refrigeration and air-conditioning placement since it is a new branch of education in our school. The companies chosen by our partners have been cooperating with them in the field of work placement for many years which guarantees the highest level of training for our students.Foreign based placement is a chance for us since the agreement with Kompania Węglowa SA concerning employment and placement of our graduates in mines was broken off. Moreover, it is an opportunity to build European community without language or professional complexes, open for dialogue and experience exchange combined with crossing the borders. It is especially important taking to consideration the area our students live in which limits possibilities of their development. The problem will disappear thanks to the project realization. Students’ personal competence and self-esteem will increase which is very important in contemporary world.The aim of the project is to achieve and develop the following effects:-to promote employment of young people in Europe, especially students and graduates of vocational schools,-to promote vocational education as one of the European Committee’s priorities (as well as our project’s),-to equalize chances of Polish students in the European professional market,-to increase chances of Polish students in the local professional market by international experience, professional, language and socio-cultural competence thus decreasing unemployment among young people,-to develop features and skills necessary in the professional market (e.g. team work, creating and analysing technical documentation including foreign languages, adaptation to new environment) and in every-day life (self-reliance, openness, empathy, communication skills),-to increase professional competence of our students,-to give our students international certificates acknowledging their professional and language skills,-to get familiar with new tools and methods of work, ways of problem solving thus increasing students’ creativity,-to compare technological and educational solutions implemented in foreign and Polish companies as well as in our school,-to get familiar with the real working environment of the European Union-direct contact with different environments and social, cultural, economic conditions in Europe,-to develop language skills both general and professional connected with a given occupation,-motivation for further personal development of students connected with their professional career.Before initiation of placement students will participate in planned activities in their school leading to better preparation of students for their visit abroad and training in foreign environment. That is how we shall minimize concerns of both students and parents. After placement finalization students will share their experience through media and also during meetings organized for school and extramural community.The project will be an opportunity for the school to confirm the quality of education, working methods, curriculums. Simultaneously the school will gain new experience in that field.



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