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Date du début: 1 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Europe of tomorrow will depend on the youth living today, but we have fantastic tools which allow us to shape young talented people. But, it is we who not only lay emphasis on their educational development but also try to install in them both the feeling of being Europeans and the notion that the world is open for them. Thanks to this openness as well as building, through the gained experience, self- esteem on the labour market, a young man has a chance of achieving success. Today, an employee-to-be is expected to be well educated, experienced, mobile, open and should also speak foreign languages. What can be very discouraging for a graduate is the fact that he/she is not capable of meeting these expectations. The project, which will be done together with the Irish company YIT, will make a graduate more open and enable him/her to gain the above mentioned competences through content-related knowledge, work and language experience. The main goal of the internships done abroad is the support of educational processes and vocational improvement, as well using by students previously acquired knowledge, skills and qualifications in the fields of electronics, electricity and IT. Thanks to training performed in companies, students will have contact with the world of work and improve personally and professionally. Four groups (each consisting of 16 students and 2 teachers) will participate in the project. All groups will take part in cultural and language classes held before the beginning of the training. During a 4-week period, 64 students will do 120 hrs of vocational training (6 hrs per day, from Monday to Friday) and a 20 hrs language course in Ireland. The internships will be provided by professional Irish companies – the list can be found in the attachment. Vocational language acquired during the practical training seems to be very important. The vocabulary will be expanded more efficiently and quickly, and later it could be used during professional career. Training gives students a chance of knowing European standards as well as labour standards in foreign companies. During their stay, students can improve and use their theoretical knowledge in practice in one of the developed countries. The teachers who will play the role of carers, will be able to know better the vocational system of education in Ireland. They can know modern methods of teaching and practical solutions used during educational process on the basis of EU countries. New skills might be used, amongst the others, as the promotion of vocational training and inspiration for lifelong personal development. Participation in the international training aims to boost the chances for graduates-to-be in finding their first job or setting up their first own business. By taking part in training, a graduate will become more competitive and desired on the labour market. Yet, foreign companies will also gain new experiences in scope of international cooperation with a vocational school providing education in different professions. They will gain prestige and can be promoted on the Polish labour market. The implementation of the project will be a fantastic example of interregional cooperation, promotion of the school amongst its prospective students as well as promotion of our students in the local area. TZN, thanks to carrying out of the project, will also become more prestigious and provide their students with a better educational offer. The school has established contacts with international educational institutions and firms. There is a chance of making the educational process more attractive for our students and improving language learning process. Thanks to this, our school can prepare the students better to take up a job on European labour market. It is important that the school is considered by the local and educational authorities as the one which not only maintains traditions but also as the institution which provides its students a wide range of possibilities tailored to the upcoming future. Participation in the programme Erasmus+ enables the students to achieve the aims and strategies of “Europe 2020” especially in the field of education with the priority given to lowering the number of early school leavers. The project also promotes the article no 2 of the Treaty on European Union, i.e. respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, tolerance.All participants of the project will gain the needed documents (Europass Mobility, ECVET). Monitoring and evaluation done at particular stages will help us to become more experienced. During realisation of all our projects, we have paid the emphasis on dissemination of our actions and results. We would also like to make the information available to as many personas and institutions as possible again. Professional evaluation and analysis of our actions enables us to make better and better projects.



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