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Europejski staż zawodowy uzupełnieniem wiedzy nabytej w Polsce
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the “European internship as a supplement to the knowledge acquired in Poland” project is to improve the key competencies and skills by promoting mobility of vocational training learners by strengthening the cooperation between the organizations offering training opportunities and by encouraging other organizations to use the project’s results. The transfer of good practice within vocational training from Germany to Poland is also important. A specific objective is to increase the learners’ knowledge and improve skills within the framework of modern working methods and technologies in order to turn learners into professionals who are better prepared for performing their jobs and to improve their language and intercultural skills.The Wielkopolska Chamber of Crafts (WCC) in Poznan intends to carry out a twenty-month project from June 2016 to January 2018 in consortium with 5 vocational schools from Wielkopolska region i.e. ZSB in Poznan, ZSP in Gniezno, ZSOS in Leszno, ZSO in Poznan and ZSZ in Gostyn.As part of the project, 6 of the 3-week internships for 16-strong groups of 1st-3rd grade students from vocational schools will be carried out in the following crafts: car mechanic and electro-mechanics, carpenter hairdresser and plumbers sanitary. Those are the sectors that are the most popular among young people today, and – according to data from the Employment Office – finding future employment in these sectors is the easiest.Two 16-person internships for Mechanics of cars will take place in October 2016 at the Education Centre (EC) Hennickendorf of the Chamber of Crafts (CC) in Frakfurt/Oder and for hairdressers at the EC Götz of the CC in Potsdam. In Mai 2017, another two groups of young people - hairdresser will visit the EC in Frakf./Oder which is affiliated to the CC in Frankf./Oder, and EC in Grossenhain – CC in Dresden one group of plumbers. In October 2017 will go to the EC in Hennickendorf which is affiliated to the CC in Frankf/Oder the group of mechanics of cars and carpenters to the EC in Wiesbaden which is affiliated to the CC in Wiesbaden.Defined, interrelated tasks will be carried out as specified in the project. First, necessary agreements will be concluded between WCC and the German CC, ECs and Polish schools defining a detailed programme of the internship, principles and fundamental rules of cooperation and ways of communication. Next, participants will be recruited and offered pre-departure classes in language, culture, pedagogy and health and safety; organizational meetings with the participants will be held. During the internships, theoretical and practical training will be organized at the education centres, and a cultural programme will be offered. Competency tests will be carried out and suitable certificates will be issued. The project will be monitored throughout and modified according to the identified needs. Moreover all organizations involved in the project will ensure that the results of the project will be widespread in their environment.As a result of the internships, the hairdressing learners will become acquainted with, among other things, different hair-cutting techniques and customer communication techniques. An added value will be provided by a make-up course which is not included in the Polish hairdresser training programme. Car mechanics will be familiarized with diagnostic equipment and will learn skills needed to identify faults in cars equipped with electronic systems. An added value will be provided by a course in MAG thin sheet welding concluding with a certificate. The carpenters will improve their manual skills and will find out about current industrial design. Plumbers sanitary learn patterns develop, selection of materials, tools and equipment, pipes and fittings assembly, commissioning and dismantling of all types of installations. Thanks to the internships, young people will become better prepared for their apprentice examinations, while the Europass Mobility documents they will receive will make them more employable. The increased professional skills and language as well as intercultural skills will boost their mobility. Long-term benefits will be apparent in an increased level of service they will provide in their future jobs, which will in turn improve the competitiveness of the small companies in the local and regional market. Moreover, institutional cooperation between the partner organizations will be strengthened, and joint projects will be continued. Any conclusions from the exchange of experiences between the Polish and German vocational teachers will be passed on to the Education Office as proposals towards modification of curricula or towards a harmonization of the level of training in the two countries. Furthermore long-term benefits of the project for all the trainees will be the fulfilment of the need to continually improve one’s qualifications and language as well as cultural skills.



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