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Europejska szkoła w polskim Jaślikowie
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled "European school in Polish Jaślików" is an initiative that allows a small school which is situated in the deep provinces to take activities providing students with the best language skills from an early age. It is also a project arousing the curiosity of the world and broadening horizons. The specific of the local community, largely poor, often with various problems makes the school the only place where students can get some knowledge about other countries, and especially where they can learn a foreign language. It can be crucial in finding a job in the future. Having identified those needs the school is realizing the project, which will help it to achieve the above goals. To do this it is planned to implement comprehensive actions, such as: - Organising the pre-school review of the English songs. - Participation of students in the interschool English song contest, organized in the neighboring municipality. - Organizing training courses for teachers. - Organizing European Days at school for students and parents. - Organizing international lessons using the Internet (webinars, video conferences). - Organizing international exchanges, study visits. Six teachers involved in the project will take part in the language courses. They are selected persons who will improve their language skills in the best possible way. Some of them are teachers of elementary level students. In the nearest future teaching English language will be obligatory for them at this stage. Thus, the course will meet these expectations. Apart from that the IT teacher who plans to implement the programming elements in the original English, will take part in that course. And last but not least a member of the project will be the school headmaster, who will be able not only to promote the school, but also to come into a number of international partnerships and learn the secrets of the use of international projects. In activities such as contests, European Days, international lessons all students of the school will take part. Those children are ambitious, but they often come from poor families where there are no incentives for language learning and exploring the world. The main elements of the above mentioned initiatives will be to strengthen the language skills of staff, which directly will influence the level of teaching, and establish partnerships with institutions / schools abroad. This will allow the introduction of a number of initiatives that will enable children to contact with the living language. As a direct result of the project will be the introduction of English language teaching in early grades and some of its elements at IT classes. Thanks to that from an early age children will have contact with the language, and at IT classes they will be able to understand the programming language better. The project will also allow teachers to get to know many innovative teaching techniques and the use of ICT tools. Therefore, the result of the project will basing lessons on new methods of teaching, more interesting and inspiring students. Original materials from the course will also help to get knowledge from the best sources. The indirect effect of the project will be also inspiring other schools and teachers to participate in similar projects. The knowledge, resources, best practices and recommendations given to them will significantly improve the quality of teaching, not only in benefit school. Particular emphasis will be placed on the transfer of good practices in the use of certificates and the eTwinning platform. In the end, it is very likely that during the course, participants will achieve knowledge on how to participate in international projects in the best way and obtain funding for them. This knowledge will be shared with others, so as to propagate as widely as possible the possibility of implementing similar projects. In the long term the project, by contacting students with cultures and customs of their friends from other countries, will increase tolerance and understanding of people from other countries. In the future, the children become better citizens, aware of the role of the Polish in Europe, as well as the relationship linking our country with other countries. It is possible that in this way the project beneficiaries will be also parents who inspired by the activities of children will gain knowledge about other countries. They will appreciate the value of learning and encourage them to work on their and other children's will. The long-term effect that the project can bring will be establishing partnerships with other schools abroad, which may bear interesting projects and initiatives for many years.