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Europejska Praktyka Zawodowa z systemem ECVET Gwarancją Lepszej Pracy dla Rolników
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project named "European Professional Practice ECVET- Guarantee Work Better for the Farmers' Erasmus plus targets for Group of Schools Agricultural Training Centre in Hańczowa, schools located in the district of Gorlice. To participate in the project, according to the previously prepared criteria you select a group of 15 students - farmer- techniques for which is planned 30-day foreign mobility in the context of apprenticeship in agricultural enterprises in Austria. As part of the project, our school has teamed up with a partner institution in Austria "Bildungsberatung & Schülervermittlungsagentur", which is committed to organize for our participants apprenticeships. The main objective of the project is to improve the practice under the guidance of professional competence of employees oriented agricultural sector to prepare for the requirements of the regional and European labor market, including innovative specialization. An important aspect of the project is to improve foreign language, know the culture and traditions of the region and the country as well as the establishment of knowledge, resulting in the multi-annual contacts. This project will also contribute to a better perception of the institution in the local community and to increase the attractiveness of the proposed courses of education and streamline for increased cooperation with the European institutions in the future. The sending institution will prepare young people to go through training linguistic, cultural and pedagogical. Will also organize a trip, and in the context of the safety of the participants, taken out insurance against the risks associated with their participation in practices, as well as insurance while traveling. Home Content arrange accommodation, meals during practices, will also provide mentoring during the internship. The project participants will take an internship in agricultural enterprises in Austria, working together with the owners. This will allow you to learn about the organization of work, relationships between managers and employees. The international team work will force the need for continuous communication, which will contribute to the acquisition of language skills. In order to promote international practice, upon completion, will be completed plan for dissemination of project results and good practices. During the conference, meetings youth, with their parents, with the representatives of the authority conducting, local authorities will be distributed mini - guide with practical notes for future interns and vocabulary in German industry during the practices necessary in foreign companies, leaflets, brochures promoting professional training abroad. The prepared project involves the following objectives: -Development Professional and personal disciples, through the acquisition by them in the course of the mobility of new competencies, skills, experience and qualifications -Enhancing and strengthen cooperation between educational institutions of both countries in order to achieve a common goal, which is to develop the highest possible level of future farmer - Transfer and promotion of the project participants with the huge form of support provided by the European Educational Program "Erasmus plus" in the field of education and training of young people. Improving cultural and linguistic skills as well as developing their professional abilities and skills, through intercultural experience acquired abroad -Development Entrepreneurial skills - Improvement in school training methods and thus also creating new educational paths. - The internationalization of the institution, the actions of transnational mobility and a strong international dimension of Erasmus plus. -Fight with youth unemployment coming from our economically underdeveloped region



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