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Europejska jakość w praktycznym kształceniu zawodowym
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Europejska jakość w praktycznym kształceniu zawodowym" concerns organising internships for students and job shadowing training for the staff of the CKP (Practical Training Centre). CKP is responsible for the practical preparation, creating conditions for acquiring professional qualifications at the European level, preparing students for the European labour market. For this purpose, it is necessary to develop professional skills of the staff responsible for the preparation of appropriate working conditions and teachers using European standards in practical education. Aims of the project: - learning modern technics and technologies of construction works, -acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and repair motor vehicle assemblies and subassemblies, - localizing damage in electrical and electronic systems of motor vehicles, -learning methods used for assembling and maintenance of electrical installations, using modern diagnostic devices, -consolidation of knowledge of health and safety policy and procedures and environmental protection regulations in force in the EU, - For staff - learning about equipment and working methods in the field of practical training: classroom observations, learning workshop equipment, practical training system in Portugal, ways of organizing practical training, monitoring internships, visits to institutions and organizations dealing with career counselling, raising funds for laboratories and workshops. Benefits of the project received by the students, staff working for CKP, partners, local and professional community: -acquiring practical experience and professional skills, -consolidation of cooperation between school and entities representing labour market, -making international forms of vocational training more attractive, -improving linguistic skills, -comparison of methods of work organization in Poland and in partner countries, -developing interpersonal skills and increasing self-esteem, -increased mobility, -increased self-fulfilment and creativity. Benefits for the CKP: improvement of the quality of vocational education, increased competitiveness on the education market, a wider range of professional practices, developing cooperation with Polish and European employers, gaining prestige and improving recruitment results, providing students with a successful career start. Participants of the project will be students educated in the profession of a building technician, automotive technician, automotive electrician, electrician and teaching staff of the CKP. Students will take two-week internships in various European countries and the staff a 5-day Job Shadowing training. An internship abroad is an integral part of vocational training of young people and it supports their entry into the labour market. In the project 4 groups of 16 participants will leave for 2-week internships in Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Internships for students of the technical construction and automotive school will be organized by partner in Germany - Hannover Stadtkirchenverband Werkstätten gGmbH, in Spain-Europroyectos Leonnardo da Vinci, in Portugal-Associacao de Mobilidade Intercultural Euromob. Italian Partner Societa Cooperativa Azzura will delegate our students educated in the profession of automotive electrician and electrician to garages and construction companies . In their free time the participants will have the opportunity to learn about cultural and historical heritage of the partner country. Meetings will be organized to share experiences and integration with society. Participants will receive the Europass Mobility and internship certificates prepared by the host organization and employers. For the group having its internship in Spain and Portugal elements of ECVET will be implemented. All the institutions have thorough experience in organizing mobility; provide work experience by organizing training programs for students, teachers, staff and academic staff; give an opportunity to gain professional experience and learn about the traditions and culture of their country. Students will prepare multimedia presentations documenting the internship. They will be disseminated at school during meetings summing up the internships, other different kinds of school events presenting school activity, and while participation in education fairs. Participants of Job Shadowing training will issue a newsletter containing conclusions from observations and discussions in the context of development of the CKP, disseminated in local and regional community, and matters for future discussions compiled by the Teachers Council. Implementation of the project includes promotion, recruitment, preparation of participants (linguistic, cultural), organizational activities, evaluation, monitoring and dissemination of project results.



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