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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Official School of languages of Arrecife (EOI Arrecife) is located in Arrecife, capital of the island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and it is the only one of its nature on Lanzarote. It has been a reference as a public education centre for learning languages on the island for 21 years. It is a public-funded school for adult learning, dependent on the Secretary of Education, Universities and Sustainability of the Canaries. Only languages are taught, namely German, Arabic, French and English. The level of studies goes from A1 to B2 based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) in German, French and English, and up to B1 in Arabic. EOI Arrecife has 15 teachers: English (9), French (2), German (3) and Arabic (1). All of them are participating in the current project and six are participating in the mobility training. Three teach English, one teaches French, one teaches Arabic and one teaches German. All the teachers have got their degrees in the corresponding language and are greatly involved in the teaching of languages and in establishing relationships with the agents from other European countries, overcoming the reality of living in an overseas territory. Most of them have participated in European Socrates, Comenius and Grundtvig teacher-training programmes, and some of them have coordinated multilateral associations and European exchange programmes. The students in the school (about 1700 yearly) are heterogeneous and multicultural as regards their socio-economic, academic, cultural and professional levels. They have a great deal of motivation and they try to improve their foreign language competence for academic, working or personal purposes. Lanzarote, an EU overseas territory, is a great tourist enclave, where the main industrial activity is the service sector. Therefore, it is essential for its inhabitants to master different foreign languages. After analyzing the school needs, we have decided to implement this project, called “Europeization of the teaching/learning process of foreign languages”, in order to update the linguistic, methodological and digital competences of teachers, to improve the teaching/learning process, to give the EOI Arrecife a European dimension by establishing contacts with European professionals, to make exchanges for good practices and to coordinate a KA2 Erasmus+ strategic partnership. The activities will include training courses in linguistic and methodological revision, implementation of innovative practices, open educational resources, using IT, as well as exchanging good practices. The methodology of this project is communicative: teachers’ meetings in the school project called “learning foreign languages in real European contexts.” The results of this Erasmus+ project will be: European and international dimension of the EOI Arrecife as an overseas territory; European socio-cultural dialogue and knowledge; exchange of good practices; educational excellence; linguistic, methodological and didactic recycling for the teachers to benefit the students and improve their school results and reduce early dropout rates; participation in European professional platforms and networks; and the creation of a KA2 strategic partnership. This project will have a great impact on the EOI Arrecife, on both teachers and students: improving the European and international dimension, the quality and exchange of good practices; improving the use of new technologies inside and outside the classroom using the Mahara and Moodle platforms, increasing the students’ performance and reducing early dropout rates; improving participation in European professional networks and platforms; improving lifelong responsible and independent learning; increasing students’ professional opportunities in a European context. Likewise, this project will have a local, regional national and international impact: greater cooperation with local education institutions (Lanzarote Teachers’ Centre); exchange of experiences, knowledge and material among the teachers of foreign languages on Lanzarote ; improvement of the European intercultural dialogue; improvement of the European value of Erasmus+; spread of European projects in the conferences of Canarian EOI and OPEEC; spread of the project on Erasmus+ platforms and the EPALE webpage. The long-term benefits of this project will be: prestige for the EOI; national and international recognition; establishment of European interprofessional contacts; teacher and student motivation to participate in a KA2 strategic partnership and put into practice their linguistic competence in real European contexts.