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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project #europeanhome is multilateral multi action project. It contains one training action and one EVS action. It aim is to raise awareness about migrations and to give space to the youth workers to explore different techniques in working with young people and use ITC for sharing good practice and experience.With this project we want to put in focus what youth workers can do and how to ensure quality in working with people from different backgrounds. Participants are coming from countries where migrants passing or staying and they already have experience in working with these groups. Sometimes organization or youth worker cannot find the way how to approach duo of linguistic barriers or not being familiar with the culture and tradition of countries from where migrants come. Because of that we had developed this project that will collect good practice, experience and present to the wider audience who is also facing with the lack of skills and knowledge. Their good practice and experience will be online and visible to the other people that give to the project international context – in this way results of this project will be available not only to the participants and stakeholders of our organizations but also to the wider audience. Also during the project participants will have space to discover meaning of "migrant" and how to breaks barriers to build society based on tolerance, solidarity and respecting human rights.Training will explore migrations in Europe and way how to prevent discrimination and anti racism. There is no such thing as a typical “migrant”. The International Organization on Migration defines: migrants are foreign-born people while the EU definition is third country nationals. There are migrants for settlement; and others who see their stay as temporary – to work or study. There is labor migration, family reunification, refugees, asylum seekers, emigration for retirement, most of which are now defined in EU and European countries legislation. In addition there are migrants who were forced to move and who were born abroad. The motivation of each of these subgroups to migrate is different, and the composition of migrants varies between different European countries.In the context of migration, it is the process of opening a society, a country or a region to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or social glass.Ensuring the participation and the integration of young migrants within European societies has a lot in common with the challenge of ensuring the participation and integration of young people in general. Successful integration of young migrants is often hindered by restrictions experienced in the fields of education and employment even when holding a long-term residence permit, by difficulties to contribute to political life, by long and bureaucratic procedures to access nationality, by the lack of legal protection against discrimination etc. Other activity that will support project and follow the follow up activities are EVS project where volunteer from Germany will be hosted by Center E8. Voluntary service will give opportunity for young person to learn, get to know more about inter cultural scope, learn about migration and work with them, as well to participate into local communities. Volunteer will promote youth participation, European values and tolerance.



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