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European Youth Volunteers as Active Citizens
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project 'European Youth Volunteers as Active Citizens' (EYVAC) aims at improving the quality and sustainability of social work for marginalised youth in Europe with Youth volunteers as drivers of change. The three main objectives of are: a) Exploring and developing innovative methods for sustainable social youth work based on best practices from relevant NGOs, scholars, practitioners, local authorities and Red Cross societies in Denmark, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria b) Establishing a transnational European network where innovative and best practices are shared through an online Open Educational Resource (OER) Platform to inspire all relevant stakeholders c) Empowering young volunteers and youth workers in Denmark, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria to become progressive leaders of social work, leaders of change and active citizens in their local communities. Youth in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Denmark are at the forefront of the societal challenges and have a risk of being excluded both socially and economically from their society. In order to reach out to the youth and address the negative impacts in their lives there is potential for civil society organisations to keep working on improving and adjusting their social projects and use innovative methods to empower and enable youth to become positive influential citizens in their local communities. Since the economies of many European countries are still affected by the financial crisis there is a need for the states, public and local authorities to explore innovative cooperation forms, new alliances and find alternative ways to sustain the quality and high level of social support and services to marginalized groups. Within this new situation many states are seeking to improve and utilise the cooperation with the civil society sector and their social programs. Danish Red Cross (DRC) together with Danish Red Cross Youth (DRCY), Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC), Romanian Red Cross (RRC) and Hungary Red Cross (HRC) are strong and consolidated CSOs and all aim at ensuring sustainability in their projects. The target groups of the project are: active youth volunteers in the NRCS, relevant public authorities (ministries, municipalities, regions), students from relevant academic disciplines, scholars/experts, NGOs, local practitioners and marginalised and vulnerable youth. These different stakeholders will participate in the following activities: The activities and results can be divided into three phases. The preparatory phase where a participatory transnational meeting will take place. Implementation phase where the various sectors and stakeholders will come together in the Leadership Academy ACTIVATE training, the conference and in the four National Academies. The participants will experience new ways and methods of facilitating social volunteer driven projects for marginalised youth. The discussions and established learning forum will be kept alive at the OER Platform that will be developed, tested and launched in this phase. Dissemination and final phase will be where the OER is developed as an engaging and motivating digital platform where all stakeholders involved in this project is being nursed and keep developing their skills. EYVAC will be using a peer-to-peer method and the project will have impact at both the European, national and local level: At the European level the project will establish a transnational network that are sharing knowledge, experiences, best practices and innovative methods in conducting social youth work. The OER platform will become a learning platform relevant for all NRCSs in the world as well as CSOs in Europe working with youth projects. At the national level the volunteers will increase their capacities and gain knowledge in initiating dialogue and cooperating effectively with the local authorities. The volunteers and youth workers will ensure that the innovative practices and exchanges developed at the European level, will be converted to the national level and thereby increase the capacities of national social youth work in the local NRCSs. At the local level: youth workers, volunteers and socially marginalised youth will experience increased capacities and feel inspired from their youth peers. The work with social marginalised youth will improve and they will become active, democratic and engaged citizens contributing positively to their local communities. The EYVAC project will in the long term create hundreds of engaged and motivated youth as active citizens in more than four European countries. They will have a lot of social capital and the potential to become progressive leaders in their organisations. Indirectly the EYVAC project will in a few years have reached more than 2000 different stakeholders through the OER platform that will be one of the leading digital inspiration source of social work for especially youth volunteers in Europe and the Middle East.



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