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European Youth for New Media and Global sustainable development
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aimed to support the constructive dialogue in the European Union, in order to arrange an inclusive and people-centred post-2015 development agenda based on a transparent process incl. inputs from stakeholders, civil society, youth and youth organisations. Youth workers and youth from 11 EU countries reported about the actual state of affairs concerning the implementation of SDGs and how the debate is going in their countries. Participants of the training course (06-13.05.2015, Münster, Germany) explored how decent work and human development can become key drivers of inclusive and sustainable growth. Participants (youth workers, youth leaders, young multipliers) learnt to use creative multimedia tools, gained digital and communication competences to create media reports concerning global aspects of environmentalism and SDGs, in order to have their opinion voiced. Trainers and youth workers acquired skills and knowledge on how to engage youth in new media, digital creativity and to encourage active EU citizenship. The implementation of action-oriented methods by this training course enhanced the employability of youth intensively by educating new media and communication skills, teamwork, analytical / critical skills, language skills, creative thinking, flexibility and leadership. Participants made a live broadcast and an open debate via internet-TV. They disseminated their audiovisual and digital reports on social and community media platforms. 34 multipliers were enabled to train youth and to initiate public discussions and reports about civil society engagement to achieve the SDGs of the EU. The new trainers will later on train youth on how to work creatively with digital media to promote democratic participation, employability of youth and the SDGs. The training course also offered time and space for presenting the Erasmus+ Youth programme, in order to encourage and support the cooperation between the participants and their organisations. The Erasmus+ workshop turned out to be a longer-term benefit of the project.



10 Participants partenaires