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European youth citizenship - UNDER CONSTUCTION
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the role of the applicant / coordinating organization "Youth for development Lyaskovets" will coordinate and active partnership with 6 partner organizations will implement a project under Erasmus + Youth Exchange "European youth citizenship - UNDER CONSTUCTION". The exchange will take place between 5 and 12 July 2016 in the city of Lyaskovets" District Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.Profile of participants: The project will involve young people from 7 EU countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Germany) and 35 youth and 7 leaders. Young people will be aged 18 to 30, and 8 of them will be young people with economic difficulties and / or geographical constraints.The project objectives are:- To increase the knowledge of participants in exchange for citizenship, its history, its relation to human rights and to promote techniques and methods for the inclusion of European citizenship in youth work;- To share experiences and good practices and promote techniques and methods for the inclusion of European citizenship in youth work;- In the context of European citizenship in order to expand the group of active young people and youth leaders familiar with the specifics.- Use social networking and social media to attract the attention of young people in citizenship.The main topics of the project are: EU citizenship, awareness and democracy in the EU; Youth (participation, youth work, youth policy); Social dialogueWith the project expected the following effects:Impact on Participants: The project will have a direct impact on young participants. They will develop their knowledge to EU citizenship, fundamental rights of EU institutions and the need to vote in European Parliament elections. Through joint activities with young people from different countries, participants will broaden their trust in people from other cultures will explore different perspectives and enrich enrich spiritually. Participants in this will be multipliers and whose mission will be to learn about the other members of the three organizations, new information and new knowledge. In completed they will spread among their relatives, acquaintances, relatives and among their community the seriousness of the European elections and the need to vote.Impact on Society "Youth Development Ljaskovec": With the implementation of this project will improve the administrative capacity of the association in cooperation internationally. During the project, some of the members and volunteers of the association will make their first steps into international business.Impact on partner organizations, with the active partnership five partner organizations in the project will receive direct positive as follows:- Improving their administrative capacity to participate in international youth projects;- Will gain their first valuable experience as participants in its first project Erasmus +;- Will increase their influence in the local community in particular village and country;- Will build potential partnerships for future projects Erasmus +; - Will have in their teams multipliers to disseminate their knowledge of European citizenship among his compatriots.Local impact:The project will have a serious impact on the local community Lyaskovet, as part of the activities will be engaged officials of the municipality, district administration Veliko Tarnovo, the media, opinion leaders, representatives of creative intelligentsia, especially young people. It will also encourage interaction, and hence intercultural dialogue and only the perception of the people of Lyaskovetz as part of the European Community.Impact at national level:- Successful completion of the project ensures the opportunity to become a good practice in the field of youth work, youth employment and youth entrepreneurship, which will be presented and multiplied at national level;- Working actively for 6 years theme youth employment and youth entrepreneurship Association "Youth Development Ljaskovec" constantly unfolding territorial scope of work.Impact at international level:The successful realization of the project will have an impact at international level, as follows:- Will promote sustainable international partnerships between NGOs working in the field of youth from 6 countries;- Will strengthen the feeling of belonging to the European community of young people from 6 countries- Will improve the tolerance of young people involved in the project.Methodology: The methodology of the project is based on techniques and methods of non-formal education.



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