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European Youth Agora
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since ancient Greece, an Agora is a meeting place in which the dreams, feelings, concerns, experiences, ideas and paths of people cross together, becoming connected. In the same time, it is a place for debate and sharing, of teaching and learning from one another. The aim of the European Youth Agora is to empower young people by actively involving them in the creation of the event and the outcomes, giving them the power of influencing the content of the programmes dedicated to them and their peers across Europe. During the “European Youth Agora”, the participants will have the opportunity to develop their international team spirit while sharing their ideas and experiences. The programme will introduce concepts about youth empowerment in their own countries and encourage them to find together solutions on how to improve the training of youth on topics such as: human rights, community involvement, active citizenship, leadership, diversity and inclusion etc. The “European Youth Agora” is organized by ASDE Spain, in cooperation with partners from 20 different Scout Organisations from all around Europe. The 4 days-long event will take place between 13-17 of April 2016 in Madrid, Spain. The training course will bring together 46 young youth workers (rovers aged 17 to 22) from 18 European countries, and offer them the space and support to take initiative and express their opinions and visions to become the voice of change in their communities and organisations in what concerns youth empowerment, youth programmes and youth policies. The “ European Youth Agora” sets out to reach the following objectives: a.Increase awareness of young youth workers aged 17-22 on Human Rights and their importance in the challenging situation that Europe is currently facing (migrants crises, Human Rights declaration) and how could Scouting help taking action about it.b. Empower youth workers and provide them with tools for taking action in their communities to strengthen the spirit of inclusion and understanding the diversity of cultures and religions.c. Empowering young people (youth workers aged 17-22) to be actively involved in defining their own learning paths through helping design and update the educational proposal of European Scout organisations for this specific age group d. Helping participants develop personal skills for leadership and increase their capacity to promote this skills in an active way through their youth work in particular and their communities generale. Providing a space for networking and exchange information and ideas about different methods (i.e. the Personal Project) used in the youth programme for 17-22 year olds of scouting organizations in Europe.Keeping in mind the current needs of young people, the Agora will address the challenges of youth empowerment in general, but also youth participation at local, national and European level in particular. We strongly believe that young people who feel empowered are also more creative, pro-active, with a stronger spirit of active citizenship and ultimately, thanks to their increased confidence and more variated skills which will help them in the path of their personal development. Also, youth that know and understand human rights will be more open towards accepting and welcoming other cultures, supporting the idea of inclusion. During the seminar, which is the main activity of the project, the participants will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, attitudes and a number of skills (e.g. digital, communication, foreign languages, public speaking, moderation, inter-cultural sensitivity and creativity) to become the “voices” of their ideas to different audiences. The methods used within the seminar will be various forms of non-formal education methods, each adapted to the content that needs to be put across. The seminar has been designed as a combination of theoretical and practical inputs, which are learner-centered and interactive. Some example of methods which will be used in the seminar are: audio-visual presentations, case studies, community action, group discussions and team tasks, role play games and other active methods.We expect that the “European Youth Agora” will generate as results a set of new ideas on the human rights inclusion and youth empowerment programme aspect within the educational proposal of the European national scout organisations that are partners in the project. Therefore, the main impact of the project will be in transferring a set of skills, knowledge and attitudes empowering motivated youth workers of Rovers to take an active role in bringing positive change in their organisations and local communities. Furthermore, we expect that the leading role of young people for shaping more generally rovers programme will be further recognised and valorised by the partners organisations.



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