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European Voluntary Service - Youth Count in Amiens!
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ContextAmiens is a local authority, borough council with a wide variety of skills. It is experienced in projects and actions in the field of youth (youth exchange project + Erasmus, mobility of students, leading a young City Council ...).Objectives Amiens Metropole is now certified to coordinate projects and host volunteers for the period 2015-2018. The objectives of Amiens Metropole for EVS projects are the following:- Providing mobility opportunities for non-formal education, knowledge exchange and transversal skills between young volunteers and metropolitan services ;- Allowing the discovery of diversity of professions in Amiens Metropole and the regional history through during EVS activities and outside ; - Ensuring the right support and framework for the services of young volunteers in relation with the projects of Amiens Metropole and partners ; - Developing a sense of belonging to Europe, cultural and linguistic diversity, social cohesion for youth and residents in AmiensFor this purpose, Amiens Metropole is working with its European partners of Dortmund and local partners involved in the field of youth (institutions, associations, youth organizations).ParticipantsAmiens would like to host two volunteers over a period of 10 months. The participants may come from different background. Yet, knowledge of young people, social matters and a basic level in French and English would be appreciated.Language support will be organized for the volunteers (online). They will follow the training sessions organised by the National Agency during the EVS period.Activities 1. Participation in the drafting and implementation of projects in the youth and social field• In the field of youthCall for proposals for supporting youth projects, ERASMUS + information to the officers of Amiens, Short EVS, “Box to read” (Street Library), sports exchanges in the framework of Euro 2016, other projects such as application to European Youth Capital...• In the social fieldSocial observation, shared analysis groups, survey of residents, link with inhabitants as sociologists of their territory, communication plan, communication tools development, comparison of practices, use of web tools and new technologies...2. Participation in the cross-sector actions on international and European cooperation• EVS volunteers as ambassadors of the city• Communication and dissemination related to EU awareness• Participation in steering committees, project tracking, preparation of events such as 1st World Ward Centenary• Writing reports, mission reports• Discovering the different unit of Amiens MetropoleMethodologyDepending on their interest, volunteers may evolve in different services of Amiens Metropole and the City of Amiens directly engaged in the EVS project: direction of social cohesion, youth service and international affairs.They will be supported during their service by a coordinator (director of international affairs) and a tutor (director of social cohesion or youth coordinator, according to their attachment service).Expected impact and resultsEvaluation will be measured at each step. It will refer to the volunteers' expectations and objectives set up in learning agreement and activity planning. There will be regular and final evaluation with volunteers, coordinator and tutors. Specific impacts according to the target groups could be the following:- Impact on volunteers: intercultural experience, learning a foreign language, reflection on professional path.- Impact on Amiens Metropole as a hosting and coordinating organization: skills development in services, intercultural experience- Impact on inhabitants the city: confrontation with different cultures, intergenerational exchanges, and young people exchanges (meetings in Amiens and outside)Long-term benefitsDissemination of results and development of EVS experiences will be done thanks to the regional, national and European network of partners of Amiens Metropole and sending organisations (institutions, associations, local community through neighborhood committees and events, local youth groups). The presentation of the EVS project in Amiens, other regions of France and other European countries including the country of origin will allow new youth mobility opportunities.



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