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European Universities Games Zagreb - Rijeka 2016
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European Universities Games will take place in the cities of Zagreb and Rijeka in July, 2016. As a student sports manifestation on an international level with the prominence of the largest sporting event in the history of the Republic of Croatia and most important social-academic event in Europe in 2016, European Universities Games acts as a powerful catalyst of changes of student life in Croatia and in Europe. Through 15 days in July 2016, more than 5000 students from 45 European countries and 250 different universities will compete in 23 different sports, including 2 sports for students with disabilities. Activities carried out by volunteers during EVS service in Zagreb, Croatia, include: 1) opportunity to participate in organisation and coordination of sport activities and other events (i.e. educational seminars, conferences, workshops) organized under auspices of the EUG 2016; 2) communication with international partners (students, universities, NGO’s, youth organizations, sport federations etc.); daily based communication with EUG2016 partners; emails and official letters; communicating by phone, skype or during live meetings 3) managing social media and website; creating and publishing content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and webiste. 4) preparation and editing of the newsletter, brochures, handbooks and other publications; creating content of mentioned publications; collecting information and images; writing articles. 5) collecting data and creating data base; collecting and analysing different type of data (bibliographic, full-text, numeric, images etc.), organizing and systematizing so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated. 6) Volunteer Management: preparation of volunteer programme, focusing on international volunteers; development of volunteer positions, selection of volunteers, preparation of training for volunteers, leading the team of volunteers during European Universities Games Zagreb - Rijeka 2016. All activities present an opportunity for volunteer to develop personal skills and competences, to gain knowledge and experience. We use sport as a platform to promote healthy lifestyle, physical activity and social inclusion. We aim to include students with disabilities in our activities. By promoting voluntary activities, fight against doping, violence and discrimination as well as good governance in sport, we feel as an active contributor to development of EU sport policies. After EVS service, volunteers will disseminate results of the project within their organisations. By doing that, they will initiate creation of new, inclusive projects and policies.



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