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European Union Regions Benchmarking, Economic Strategy and Transfer (EURBEST)
Date du début: 30 juin 2003, Date de fin: 29 juin 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of EURBEST is to benchmark best practice in the area of business support at regional and sub-regional levels. Following on from this is the need to create tools and mechanisms that will transfer this best practice from one of the exemplar regions to another in the project. The project builds on a previous project conducted under the auspices of EURADA that involved 14 regions across Europe. Achievements: Achievements so far Eurbest is a network project that involves 22 partners from across the whole European Union. The project aims are to benchmark how business's (with a focus on SME's) are supported by different regions, a methodology has been devised in order to ensure this comparison can have value across such a wide variety of organisations. The project has 2 different strands that are used for comparison. A Qualitative and a Quantitative strand. The Qualitative strand is a group of 8 regions that meet on a regular basis in partner regions to discuss an agreed topic i.e. clusters. At these meetings the participants each present to the group the mechanism in their region that best addresses the needs of that given support structure i.e. Cluster polices and financial support. This group is composed of high level representatives form the regions - this is to ensure that the outcomes of the project and the study tours individually can be effectively and quickly absorbed by the participating regions. The Quantitative strand of the project involves all project members and is a statistical based model. All partners are required to complete in depth statistical analysis of their regions business support structures and report on how they have seen success/failure in given measures. Regions have to provide details on how much resource they put into certain support structures and what the results are coming out of this intervention. Regions are also required to provide a substantial amount of data concerning their region and the specific agency they work for in order to make the comparison useful. Once the computer model has analysed the provided data it produces graphs that help inform the result i.e. which region is doing particularly well in a particular support mechanism. This region is then asked to complete a Transfer Template that provides all the required information on this mechanism to make it transferable. Transfer of the 'good practices' is a key objective During this phase of the project the focus has been on achieving its final objectives. Identified best practices have been transferred and measures taken to ensure the sustainability of EURBEST into the furture have been taken.



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