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European Union Approaches to Corruption and the Crime- Terror Nexus
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposed Jean Monnet Module develops new teaching and policy engagement activities on the EU’s approaches to corruption and to the crime-terror nexus. Although Justice and Home Affairs is the fastest growing policy field the EU has known in recent years, there has been little emphasis on pedagogical activities that explore the European Union’s understanding of, as well as responses to, the intersection between corruption, organised crime and terrorism. The module is composed of taught lectures and seminars; academic and practitioner guest lectures; two study trips; innovative assignments including a mission negotiation, a briefing paper and an optional co- authored policy paper; social media presence; and the release of a free, public lecture series - the Aston Jean Monnet Lecture Series. The module has academic added value due to its unique content – the crime-terror nexus is an emerging debate in EU studies – and approach. First, the crime-terror nexus is not yet a major focus of postgraduate taught modules; however, the current global context and EU’s concern with issues such as maritime piracy, terrorism, cyber crime and their increasing intersections, gives urgency to the need to academically reflect on this phenomenon. The module is also unique in its delivery and assessment, the focus of which is practical implementation of academic and policy debates. Students will take part in a ‘Mission Negotiation’ and write a briefing paper, instead of a traditional essay. Their learning will be supported by integrated study trips, funded by the module. Equally important, the students will have the opportunity to co- author a real policy paper, under the supervision of the academic coordinators, to be submitted to a think tank or EU institution.