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European Traditional Tales ON STAGE! (Comparative study and dramatization of traditional tales).
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European Traditional Tales ON STAGE! The idea of this project is to bring traditions to life by drama adaptations of important traditional tales of each participating country and their modern versions. Our goal is to help students aged 14-17 to increase their knowledge and use of the second language as well as to familiarize them with other cultures in an enjoyable way. We believe that drama actively help second language learning. Pronunciation and intonation are improved when students perform in a foreign language; vocabulary and structures are better internalized when they are learnt and performed since the whole learning process is enhanced when it is enjoyed.That is every teacher’s dream and the objective of this project. Drama is an overall learning experience involving mind and body in the individuals at the same time that forces them to work in a team. So, in our project, each member partner will choose an outstanding traditional tale from their own country to study and dramatize. The project involves the whole school and all its activities take into account the basic skills as well as transversal skills. The teachers of different departments will carry out these activities with the students: -The Language department will work on the following: 1- Updated versions of the tales. There are classical topics in all the tales, which promote inequality such as domestic violence, huge differences of social classes, sexism or male chauvinism. We will encourage students to think of those transversal topics that are so common in traditional tales and promote inequality so that they can reflect these topics in the modern versions but in a very different way, that is, promoting social equality. 2- The scripts of these tales in order to be performed at the Drama festival. -The Technology and Art departments will work on the creativity through scenery and stage that will be elaborated to perform the plays. -Science department will work on the entrepreneurship through the festival budget and statistical studies (results of surveys, the evaluation of the degree of improvement in English for students from the beginning to the end of the project) -Music department will work on imagination by adapting the songs, sounds and rhymes for the modern versions. Besides, all the departments will work on evaluation cards for each activity. These evaluation cards will follow the Portfolio methodology. This innovative methodology will be published and disseminated under Creative Common license in order to be available for all the teaching community. In addition, the Project involves objectives to the families, teachers and the schools themselves. We will produce several types of outcomes like videos, studies, reports, which will be shown using the different ways that the latest technologies offer us, without leaving out the traditional ways. Finally the potential longer term benefits are remarkable since it is our firm intention to promote The European traditional drama festival to be celebrated every year for ever, in which all the European countries that are interested in this innovative project can take part. This way, we will be promoting cultural drama contact. Likewise, we will improve our drama techniques in order to foster dramatization at Secondary Schools, which is very innovative in the project countries. Our partnership, Turkey, Croatia, Poland and Spain, guarantees valuable synergies due to the fact that all of us have very different cultures and varied ways of teamworking.



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