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European Salmon Tour (EUROSAT)
Date du début: 31 mai 2003, Date de fin: 29 juin 2005 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall objective of EUROSAT is to promote trout and salmon fishing as a valid economic activity for improving employment opportunities in areas of enormous environmental potential.EUROSAT aims to create a permanent network of regions that benefit from salmon rivers in order to exchange experiences on different issues such as the economic impact of activities linked to sport fishing, environmental issues, tourism development, etc. Achievements: The main objective of the present operation is the creation of a network of public authorities where salmon rivers and culture have a strong impact within the socio-economic lives. In order to guarantee a good management of the project six co-ordinating meetings have been organised so far. In addition, twelve study visits have been organised to know on the ground activities linked to angling, training, tourist development, environmental and research issues. These study visits took place by the Glomma and Rena rivers (Norway), Klarälven river (Sweden), the Kerry ring (Ireland), Nalón river (Spain),Oulujoki river (Finland), Llyn Brenig Lake and Conwy River (U.K), and in Sweden the lakes N.a. Hyn and V:a Örten, University of Karlstad, the Thematic Museum Klarälvsrummet, fishing at Forshagaforsen and the communities centres of Övre Ulleud and Ransäter. A common awareness campaign on river and salmon preservation has been organised involving more than 2.000 children from 75 European schools; some of the works have been showed in an exhibition. Five Thematic Conferences have been organised. The first one in Killarney (Ireland) on the topic 'The development of angling. Related tourism in Europe' with 100 participants, 7 speakers (one per partner) and 22 people from the project partners from 5 different European countries. The second one was hold in Pravia (Spain) on 'The socio-economic impact of river angling in salmon areas' with 80 participants, 7 speakers and 25 partners’ delegates. The third one was in Vaala on 'Networking and the use of NTI in angling' with 80 participants, 7 speakers and 21 people from the partner delegations. The fourth one in Llandudno (U.K.) on 'Environmental Protection and Recuperation of the Rivers' with 64 participants (18 of them were partner delegates) and 8 speakers. The Fifth and final one took place in Forshaga and it was attended by 78 participants and 10 speakers. The topic of the conference was 'Environment and entrepreneurial angling in harmony'. The participants assessed the quality of the speeches, materials delivered and organisations very good. A Transnational Co-operation Agreement among partners has been signed. A press dossier has been collected of 93 (86+7) pages gathering news broadcasting the project. A common database for the project have been created with 844 contacts but divided into seven files under the same structure. The website is ready:, gathering the technical papers produced within the framework of the project as it will be used to present the network to future partners. A network has been created with all partners and new three members to foster future projects linked to environment preservation.



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