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European Research Infrastructures Network of National Contact Points (EURORIS-NET)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2007, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The term “Research Infrastructures (RIs)” refers to facilities and resources that provide to the scientific community essential services needed for the performance of leading edge research in both an academic and/or industrial environment. Research Infrastructures should be open to researchers, to the scientific community and to the Industry and cover the whole range of scientific and technological fields. The Research Infrastructures are of high importance in order to strengthen the knowledge base of Scientifc Communities and the technological know-how of Industrial sector across Europe. The overall objective of the proposed project is: To support the efficient implementation of the Research Infrastructures Programme and to promote the benefities offered by the RIs in order to enhance the Research Excellence, the competitiveness and the growth of Europe. Within this framework the project aims to improve the effectiveness of the Research Infrastructures (RIs) NCPs network through the upgrade of the level of the transnational cooperation which will result in more consistent services provided to the customers/clients across Europe. Coordination activities and synergies with other EU Networks will promote a coherent approach towards the Research Infrastructures and their utilization for the benefits of the European Scientific Community and Industry. The NCPs within each particular country represent different administrative and organisational schemes and patterns. The lack of coordination activities between NCPs frequently leads to obstacles both for the NCPs and the Researchers and requires more efforts by the European Commission for the effective implementation of the Programme itself. The project will focus on the establishment of a unified approach to RIs NCPs services across EU, will support the trasnational collaboration, will raise awareness at European level and will promote RIs as a base for a coherent development of the enlarged Union.



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