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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main goal of Jean Monnet Module 'European Regional Policy in Action' is to promote EU (Regional) Economic Studies as a field of study, research and reflection at Constantin Brancoveanu University (CBU). To date, CBU’s students are not trained in this field, while the other target groups have a low exposure to it. The specific objectives of the proposed Module are (1) to deliver specialized training in the area of EU (Regional) Economic Studies, (2) to promote academic research, while encouraging the publication and dissemination of results and (3) to increase awareness, reflection and debate on current regional challenges in the EU and their impact on local communities. To this end, a new course (Regional Development in the EU) will be introduced in CBU’s curricula for undergraduate studies and will be delivered in two locations of CBU (Pitesti and Rm. Valcea); a coursebook will support the attainment of the expected learning outcomes: improved understanding of the rationale of regional policy; improved skills to seize regional/local opportunities; improved career prospects and employability. The Module will also include two group-research activities that are meant to give new insights on the effectiveness of EU regional policy in Central and Eastern Europe. Beside the coursebook created in the project, CBU will deliver an open-access Conference proceedings volume, 2 peer-reviewed journal articles, a website and other dissemination products. Not at least, an international conference and 3 Jean Monnet Workshops will be organized to bring together academics and public administrators, professional groups, civil society and the general public, to find answers to local challenges. An important part of the academic value-added of this proposal is given by team’s commitment to promote vocalisation (better links between theory and practice) and localization (better llinks with ocal realities) in all the activities carried out within the project.