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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EUROPEAN PROJECT: EUROPEAN SCHOOL UP is an initiative 16 months for cooperation and multisectoral strategic partnership of organizations from Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Spain, UK and Portugal. This is a draft trasnversal character involving educational organizations, youth associations, a company placement of Norway and other entities strongly linked to the promotion of young entrepreneurship.The fundamental objective of promoting young employability in the European Union. The project is based on the development of competencies and skills related to entrepreneurship as:management skills - leadership - decision makingcommunication skills: speech, expression, negotiationMultilingualism: business Inglésnetworking - work in international teamsMarketing - Branding - market positioningHRMInternationalization: e-commerceIncubation business plan / business: monitoring and supportTo achieve the initial objective has been devised and planned a series of activities of virtual and physical mobility on which pivot the project. First, the activity will be launched through a seminar on entrepreneurship to be held in Santiago and combine the exchange of good practices study visits to young entrepreneurs and debate about through building a European School of Entrepreneurship. This initiative will take place in parallel with the school year (8 months) and train young 6 countries simultaneously through a methodology of non-formal and informal learning. Creativity, maximizing the individual's skills, teamwork and focus on real situations they will have to enfrontar in their companies will be encouraged. Through ICT, master classes, meetings with business and technical human resources as well as meetings with leaders of other social spheres as trade unions, politicians, entrepreneurs associations or chambers of commerce.Intellectuals results are mainly two:development of a single European research plan for implementing school thanks to the virtual enterprise work facilitators of the different partner organizations.creation of a study on entrepreneurship in Europe, the results will come from the three study visits made facilitators, technicians and professionals FESAN Norway, Lithuania and the Netherlands.It is estimated that a total of 300 young people will benefit from the activities of the school, participating in an innovative project and adapted to the current job market. Similarly, the project will provide peer learning and focus on the problem of unemployment through a cross-sectoral strategic partnership.For the dissemination and exploitation of results we valeremos the operational capacity of the entities, with extensive experience in European programs and with very powerful devices in social networks. Intellectuals publish results and made available to other European institutions for free access and modification.



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