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European project design (advanced level) 
Date du début: 30 avr. 2005, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project, the continuation of “European Project design - Basic level”, offers a training a refresher course aimed at analysing in depth the issues related to cross-border project making. This initiative, falling within the framework of lifelong education for the staff of local institutions to encourage an improvement and a specialisation of personnel, consists of a large number of classroom activities, through the identification of various methodological strategies of interaction between teachers and trainees; the seminars held outside the classroom intend instead to encourage individual efforts and at the same time collaborative work through the sharing of experiences and knowledge among the participants. The project is structured chronologically in five phases: the first of an organisational nature; classroom training and seminars (on the following subjects: development projects for the establishment of the main European connections; monitoring and assessment of European territorial development projects); on-line training for project-work activities; final examination to analyse and evaluate the subject matters dealt with; lastly, a followup analysis of the operational effects and external effectiveness of the training course (an activity that is carried out individually by each participating public institution). The project, by targeting public officials and personnel, aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the funding opportunities available for PA’s, analysing in detail community and cross-border project making techniques. In this sense providing the officials in charge with the relevant knowledge and with meeting opportunities facilitates dialogue, fostering mutual knowledge, also in view of new and fruitful collaboration relations.



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