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European Possibilities
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Project “European Possibilities” (EP) focuses on developing basic and transversal skills using innovative methods. It has been planned, improved and developed over time with great enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate from all involved partners. The idea of the project takes its origins from the successful Comenius project, where teachers from Germany, Denmark and Latvia decided to continue working on preparing students for successful, beneficial work life after leaving school, taking in consideration the great results of the previous project, particularly the rise of students' motivation to study more seriously, gaining more experience in international communication, which requires knowledge of English and skills for using IT. During the meetings we clearly saw the benefits of visiting partner schools, for it gives a clear insight of current situation in various parts of Europe. Unfortunately, the perspectives for successful career for young people nowadays are not satisfying, early school leaving remains at unacceptable levels in too many Member States, such as Spain, one of our partners’ country, with 26.5%. It is highly necessary to find appropriate solutions, taking in considerations that there is significant evidence of underperformance in other areas: “73 million adults have only a low level of education; nearly 20% of 15 year olds lack sufficient skills in reading; and participation in lifelong learning is only 8.9%. By 2020, 20% more jobs will require higher level skills. Education needs to drive up both standards and levels of achievement to match this demand, as well as encourage the transversal skills needed to ensure young people are able to be entrepreneurial and adapt to the increasingly inevitable changes in the labour market during their career. “ ( The aim of our project is contributing in finding such a solution. At the end of the project, we plan to create a leaflet “European Possibilities” and create a website, where we will show all results we will have reached by this time, mainly information about required knowledge, basic and transversal skills vocational choice, job hunting and future plans, continuing education opportunities in the craftsmanship trade. The information will be useful for teachers, students, and society, interested in the issue. We will have a wide range of participants in our project , carefully selected by each partner school -students, teachers, parents and relatives, school providers and local authorities, European offices, parent associations, local companies, artists, etc.; for our project work includes different kinds of activities. We will have workshops about different skills, art and craft; we will visit various companies - industries, vocational schools, social events, we will meet local authorities to learn about current situation and career options. All this means covering such issues as knowledge and information about basic and transversal skills, ways of vocational choice, job hunting and making future plans, skills in job hunting, continuing education opportunities in the craftsmanship trade. As a result of our work we are planning to describe new ideas, didactic and methodical teaching materials, tutorials and lesson plans that will be a great help for teachers and tutors in preparing our students for much better perspectives in their after-school life. The project gives great benefit to students, in context of nowadays situation and our everyday life, we highly hope to give our students the attainment to stay in school and have more perspectives to have a good job after graduation. Teachers, who are responsible for providing students with necessary knowledge and understanding the situation, will be better equipped with a good base of knowledge about other school systems, training systems and “European Possibilities” , which eventually will help them improve their own job and give the opportunity to help their colleagues, sharing the gained experience. A well prepared EP-leaflet will become a useful source of necessary information for subsequent generations of students, for teachers and students it can become a way to find perspectives for the future: pupils will find possibilities in labour market, teachers will get new input for their lessons and suggestions for creative and successful teaching. Participating in the project work will give the students more motivation for raising language competences, students and teachers will foster the mobility of students and improve the employability of the European workforce. Our pupils will gain the insight in business so that later they can become entrepreneurs. We have planned our project with great care and thoroughness and all the partners are well prepared to fulfil all goals and aims we have stated.



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