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European Port Policy Jean Monnet Module
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EPP-JM is a pluri-disciplinary postgraduate Module on “European Port Policy”, part of the curriculum of the one-year MSc in Shipping Transport & Trade (STT), degree, offered at the Business School, University of the Aegean, Greece since 1998. 49 teaching hours (30h teaching, 16h tutorials, and 3h exams) spread over the second term of the academic year. Teaching activities to 40-50 students that attend per year are accompanied by (a) empirical student assignments via tutorials leading to (b) a round-table on EPP future, with groups of students representing institutions and stakeholders; (c) a relevant books/documents catalogue available to all studying EPP & European integration; (d) an annual public lecture by invited academics to communicate expertise to students & the general public; and (d) research and dissemination, via publications and an EE web-microsite. This is the single course offered by a European University devoted entirely to the progress of the specific European policy; it is also the only course of the MSc that allows a reading of the European institutional framework and increases familiarity with the EU decision-making and working practices.The core objective is to increase awareness of postgraduate students focusing on a specialised industry (shipping, transport), on the impact of European integration on transport markets and relevant sectors. Public lectures disseminate awareness to other students of the University and to citizens of the peripheral EU island of Chios in Greece.EPP-JM enables dissemination at a European scale via an EPP microsite will be integrated at the academic knowledge platform Porteconomics,. The program also advances research on EPP - the professor responsible for the Module is (co)author of the book “European Port Policy” (2002) and research will lead to a renewed edition.The current proposal is in essence a renewal of the JM grants 2003-3171 and 2008-2939), that makes the continuation of the Module possible.