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European Perspectives
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project 'European Perspective' reflects Lincoln College's support for Erasmus+ programmes and the importance of reflecting cohesion and recognition of vocational education and training across the EU and in the further strengthening of liaison with partners in providing excellent vocational education and training in preparing young people and adults for employment in a global economy.The social and economic variances across the college's catchment area is recognised by the college and is responsive to this within the Strategic Plan for 2015/17. 2 principle objectives being to enhance the curriculum offer to ensure it's truely employer led and is sufficiently agile and responsive to meet local needs with specific reference to health and care and construction and engineering and to ensure that all equipped with appropriate work and life skills.The 24 student/apprentice participants will be selected from two of the colleges vocational areas, Care (BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma H&SC, 8 students and CACHE Level 3 Diploma Childcare and Education 6 students) and Construction and Engineering (Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Plumbing, Joinery and Bricklaying, 10 Level 3 Advanced Apprentices). The 6 VET staff will also be drawn from these two areas, the aim for them to become familiar with working practices in the host colleges and respective industries. The placement for the students/ apprentices will be 3 weeks duration and will take place during the final year of their programme in the Spring of 2017. The activities that the participants will be involved in will include: the personal care of vulnerable adults; working as a team member with adults with dementia; providing physical and social care for very small children; supporting the development of intellectual and social skills for toddlers and young children; working in the identified vocational location with employers in garages, joinery companies, with construction companies etc. VET staff will work with their host partners for 5 working days at an agreed time. The participants will undertake scheduled preparatory training to include language training leading up to the placement. The principle objectives of the project for all groups is to :1. Investigate and take account of practices in all working and social environments in respect of gender and equality of opportunity and to discuss on their return as to how practices and processes could be used to enhance their own working practices, and to relay this to their employer or placement supervisor in support of their core business.2. The theme of Healthy Ageing will be explored by care and childcare students relating this to the social and health issues in the local community and nationally with particular reference to the care of those with dementia.3. For VET staff to identify areas of innovative practice and to develop learning materials and to integrate them into the work of the college and to become familiar with the management and organisation of apprenticeships.4. A key objective participants will centre on their own personal development. Supported by tutors/assessors they will reflect on all aspects of the project to include having to live independently, as a member of a group, experiencing a different culture socially and vocationally and learning a new language. It is expected that the outcome here will be a greater awareness of self, increase in self reliance, confidence and self esteem. A further objective for all apprentices and students is to successfully achieve identified competencies as indicated in their Learning Agreement whilst in placement and for these to be accredited appropriately.VET staff participants will negotiate their objectives with line managers and these will have been agreed with the host institution well in advance of the visit, the outcomes of which will support the college's objective of ensuring that all learning opportunities are of outstanding quality and accompanied by a first class support service.The employers/placement providers in the host countries are valuable and important stakeholders in each of the flows. Consistency of locations has been recognised in previous projects as of high importance. It is anticipated that this will continue. St Monica's Kindergarten Ludinghausen and KSG Vuurtoren a Kindergarten Groningen Franz Ruschkamp GmbH Ludinghausen a sales and repair garage, have hosted participants in each of the previous projects.Project objectives will be reviewed throughout the duration of the project from the initial recruitment process through to dissemination and will involve all stakeholder and underpin greater vocational and social mobility.The results of the project will be shared with all groups under the Lincoln College Group umbrella.



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