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European Peer Review in Guidance and Counselling in Adult Vocational Education and Training - a contribution to EQARF implementation

At national level, each of the countries involved face, on one hand, the need to adapt their own VET system and quality VET assurance and development system to integrate EQARF recommendations, and on the other hand, are dealing with the implementation of LLL policies and the corresponding need to address quality assurance and development in a particular field of VET operation - guidance and counselling in Adult VET.The project will transfer the European Peer Review (PR) methodology, an innovative methodology combining external evaluation with self-assessment, that supports VET Providers in their efforts to improve the quality of their provision, built on the principles and recommendations of former CQAF currently EQARF, and through this, it will bring a positive answer to the 2 challanges referred.Aim: transfer and further develop the European PR methodology as an element of the CQAF and as an input to the national implementation of the EQARF in the partner’s countries, in a particular field of VET operation – Guidance and Counselling in Adult VET. Objectives:- Transfer and further adaptation of the PR methodology to guidance and counselling in Adult VET;- Training peers coming from the partner countries in order to enable them to apply the PR methodology; - Testing PR in 10 guidance centres;- Disseminating the project results with a view to emphasize the potential of the methodology as a quality assurance and development instrument.



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