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European Pathfinders in Europe 2020
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the 21st century where constant change the only standard. New conditions create new needs. In this context the need for teacher’s professional development is an imperative. The project envisioned to implement Evropei Ihnilates aims to strengthen the European dimension of (developing networks and interaction with other European clubs) and in the development, improvement / updating the knowledge and skills of its members to improve the quality of non-formal education.          European mobility activities planned are: 1) "Special Education - Everyone is important», 2) "Seminar on inspiring environmental learning",   3) «Jobshadowing"          Candidates participants was the legal representative, Master's degree in special education and educational administration units, the treasurer, home economics teacher with a Masters in Environment and Sustainable Development and a member of our association environmentalist adult trainer.          The methodology of the project included needs testing procedures, operations planning, preparation and organization, quality assurance procedures for quality, administration, monitoring, evaluation (formative and interim-final) in the medium and long term and dissemination of results.          Expected results of t training activities of the project was the professional development of members of the Association of European Tracers, strengthening European citizenship (citizenship) and growing positive attitude to continuing vocational training. Participants developed and improved their language, intercultural and professional skills, incorporated "good practices", promoted collaboration and networking with European bodies thereby helping improved the quality of non-formal education, modernization of teaching methods and internationalization of the Association.          The project was expected to have a very positive impact on all target groups.



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