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European Network to Support the Sustainable Surface Transport SMEs (Star-net Transport)
Date du début: 1 mai 2008, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The strategic objective of the Star-Net transport is to increase the participation of surface transport-related SMEs in the surface transport programe. The aim of the Star-Net transport project is to be the first step towards the formation and development of a consolidated structure for support of SMEs in Europe for participation in Sustainable Surface Transport activities, building on the knowledge, tools and services developed within some of the most relevant FP6-SUSTDEV support actions over the recent years (SURFACE NET, TranSMEs, AUTOIN, EURO-TRANS and HUN-POL-TRANS) and in future FP7-SST-SSAs projects. In this way the Star-Net transport project will build on 3 interconnected structures: • Star-Net transport Central Unit - The Star-Net project is built around a core group of service providers that gathers 4 experienced organisations in providing support services within the Sustainable Surface Transport field and that are currently coordinating successful SSAs (SURFACE NET, TranSMEs, AUTOIN, EURO-TRANS and HUN-POL-TRANS) for the provision of services and/or development of tools for European organisations in order to enhance their participation in Sustainable Surface Transport activities; • Star-Net transport Regional Nodes - a network of 17 local nodes, that will benefit from the core group services in order to develop and enhance the competences and skills in order to provide continuous support to organisations in their country. • Star-Net transport Advisory Council – a network of European key players that will disseminate and promote the project activities in political level, facilitating communication with the ETPs, future coordinators of FP7-SST-SSAs proposals will be invited for this group.



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