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European Network of Logistics Competence Centres (ENLoCC)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2003, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ENLoCC focuses primarily on improving inter-regional co-operation of transport logistics on a European level by establishing co-operation between Logistics Competence Centres throughout Europe in an open network. The operation aims to assess good and bad practice in order to implement problem-solving procedures. Achievements: Achievements so far Logistics and goods transport have intense regional implications, and also they need interregional cooperation. Therefore, there is a need to have regional competence in logistics as interfaces between the private sector and public administrations and as a base for cooperation among regions. For this purpose, the ENLoCC project was set up to establish regional competence centres, following the example of KLOK in Stuttgart Region. A first set of competence centres in Emilia Romagna Region, Carinthia and Wielkopolska was created during the first years of ENLoCC. It was planned from the beginning that there should be more regional competence centres all across Europe, and that they should establish a Europe-wide cooperation. But in practice, cooperation often starts as a slow process. Therefore, the ENLoCC project not only deals with the establishment of logistics competence centres, but from the start also with establishment of cooperation projects among the founding partners. A first project was to find out about each region’s situation regarding logistics: Location, main industries, transport flows and logistics employment were among the investigated topics. Understanding the diversity of the regions then helped to establish regional logistics platforms, which can be found under, and which were set up among the participating regions. They contain basic regional information, more knowledge about the logistics infrastructure, key players, projects and best practices, and they will be extended to other regions which meanwhile take part in the enlarged network. Another project is the establishment of logistics training courses. This included research about demand for training. Then, training workshops for the public sector dealing with logistics were held in Stuttgart and Brescia in 2006. In 2007, international training courses were prepared for logistics practitioners according to the standards of the European Logistics Association ELA. Furthermore, goods transport related information is being collected along selected European transport corridors (the MAGISTRALE corridor Paris-Bratislava, the Adriatic Motorway of the Seas and the Adriatic-Baltic corridor), and networks of goods-related institutions are built up along these corridors. Meanwhile, the original ENLoCC network of five partners from four regions has been enlarged: November 17th, 2006, a total of 11 partners from 10 regions across Europe founded the 'Open ENLoCC' network which is to continue beyond the end of the ENLoCC project as the logistics competence network. It now has 16 members and met in May 2007 for its yearly assembly in Malmö. The 2008 assembly will be in Naples on June 13th.



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