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European Network of Job Clubs
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 1 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Young people are a fundamental asset for European economy and society sustainability although youth unemployment still represent a dramatic problem affecting modern societies and with negative repercussions on the economies of many EU member states. In line with Europe 2020 Strategy, a need to boost new job opportunities for young generations is fundamental for the total recovery from current economic crisis.The project seeks to foster the dissemination and up-take of Job Clubs as best practices for job search among young unemployed people and their following birth and setting-up in partner countries and beyond for the final promotion of a European network of JC. Job Clubs are spontaneous independent groups of peer people providing mutual support and a chance to members to meet each other creating a network of contacts while exploring market and learning opportunities. Therefore, the project seeks to: - Tackle youth unemployment by providing the youth with opportunities for meeting together, building strategies and start looking for a job with concrete support and effective tools offered by the project; - Boost initiative and increase the entrepreneurial spirit among young people to actively participate in the social life, in particular with a special attention towards the inclusion of groups with fewer opportunities; - Enhance the recognition of Job Club methodology as a successful best practice for getting young people back to the labour market or any other training opportunity through group support, development of a network of contacts and validation and valorization of transversal skills they already own; - Foster collaboration among youth organisations for the building of a European network of Job Clubs that can increase the scenario of working opportunities for young people willing to start looking for a job or a training experience abroad. The final objective of the project is to boost self-confidence among young people for them to (re-)enter the labour market or any educational path with the birth of Job Clubs following the successful experience in Italy by the coordinator (www.job-club-it). This project is born also from an EUgranted project, namely Job Club +( where the partnership is currently utilizing the platform built by Pro-ed.The partnership expects to engage young people from Italy, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria and Netherlands that will create and join Job Clubs in a group of minimum 6/7 people. It expects to launch 4 JCs per country for a total of 150-200 participants.Besides, a total of 25youth leaders (5per country) will attend the short-term mobility training.The project specifically targets young unemployed people between19-30years with special attention to recent graduates and those people with fewer opportunities.The main activities to be carried out within the project are: 1. Setting the ground for the birth of local and transnational Job Clubs: main activities will be the organization of a short-term mobility for youth workers that will then support young people in their process of finding a job. Recruitment of young people will be carried out. 2. Design and creation of a Job Club e-game accessed either by mobile devices or online applications to complement theJC meetings with other informal learning tools to provide innovative inputs and easily engage with young people 3. Birth of 4 Job Clubs per partner country that will test the material provided and start the program timeline for a total of 10 meetings; youth workers will act as moderators during this period 4. Editing of an action plan to enhance the building of a European network of JCs with key identification of potential stakeholders willing to undertake the short-term training and replicate the experience in their country 5. Dissemination and raising awareness activity to inform local actors and any other European stakeholders of the results achieved by the project while 5 websites (one country) are to be updated together with a common platform The expected impact is: - Increased opportunities for active participation of young people to social and economic life with a final benefit for the whole society as well; - Strengthened self-confidence and increased satisfaction and motivation with positive repercussion of social life and uptake of a pro-active spirit; - Uptake of an active spirit of participation in everyday life within modern society; - Major cooperation among youth organisations in EU Member States for mutual learning and exchange of best practices; - Lower unemployment rates and reduced number of young unemployed in European countries. Concerning JC methodology will be used with a sound goal-oriented organization and management and the division of tasks amongst partners.At level of project results, the project will deliver one Handbook for youth workers; a JC Package will all material to replicate the experience; an Action Plan to enlarge the JC Network at EU level; an e-game.



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